I Want My House Back!

A few weeks ago, I was doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen when out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a puddle in the breakfast room. Oh, no, I thought, Aimee had an accident again. Then I looked closer at the puddle. It was awfully big. In fact, it was GROWING. The washing machine had flooded, and there was now a veritable river of water in my breakfast area!

I grabbed as many towels as I could and cleaned up the mess as quickly as possible while at the same time trying to stop Dylan from splashing happily in the water, but it wasn’t fast enough. Our hardwood floors started to buckle a few days later. They would have to be replaced. Of course, since it is real hardwood and we have it through our entire first floor, the whole downstairs had to be sanded down and stained so that the color would match, which meant we would have no access to the first floor of our house for a week.

Bill and I had the hardwood floors put in about five years ago, way before Dylan came home. I don’t remember exactly how we lived during that first time, I just know that we stayed in the house with Aimee the whole time, and somehow we managed. This time, since Aimee is now old and has incontinence issues, I took the precaution of having my mother-in-law take care of her, but thought maybe we could make it work staying at home with Dylan.

Work started on Monday. We were in a hotel by Wednesday.

Trying to contain the boy from getting in the way of the workers was a struggle from the beginning. Dylan is just too curious and wants to “help” whenever there are tools involved, so I had to either try to keep him watching TV all day in our room or entertained all day out of the house. Even then it was difficult, because when we got home at the end of the day, we had no access to our refrigerator, since we discovered some of the wood under it had also buckled due to a different problem.

To top it all off, we couldn’t open the windows due to all the rain and cold, so our floor guy warned us that the stain would be super stinky and we might want to find somewhere else to stay. That was all I needed. Reservations were booked within 5 minutes.

Dylan was SO excited when I told him we were going to a hotel.

“With a pool?” he asked with a huge smile on his face.

“Yes, Dylan, the hotel has a pool.”

Then he got really serious and quiet for a bit.

“But it’s too far away. We need an airplane.”

It took me a second to realize what he meant.

“No, Dylan, we’re not going to the Intercontinental Hotel in Puerto Rico. We’re going to a hotel right down the street.”

He was a little disappointed that we weren’t going to PR, but loooooved having the hotel pool at his disposal whenever he wanted it and hasn’t been in a hurry at all to go home.

We stayed in the hotel until Friday, whereupon we checked out and headed to my in-laws’ house to watch our nephews for the weekend while they went on a little getaway for my sister-in-law’s birthday (this was planned way in advance of our floors). As I write this it is Saturday morning and I haven’t been back home since Wednesday. This would be fine if I was on vacation, but as we are still living our ‘regular’ lives – taking Dylan to school, gymnastics, and so forth – I have to admit it has been a bit difficult for me. I want my house back!

We get to go home later this afternoon and I can’t wait, although I know I have hours, if not days, of dusting and cleaning ahead of me. Hopefully the house will be back in order soon. I have a soon-to-be 4-year-old’s birthday party to plan!


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  • Hope you make it home soon!!! But Dylan, I am sure, is enjoying all the excitement! :)

  • Thanks, Anita! It's coming along, slowly but surely. And Dylan IS having a ball with his cousins! :-)

  • No tenia ni idea, Khadine! Hace cuanto que no hablamos, mujer?! Bueno, espero que pronto todo regrese a la normalidad. Un abrazo!

  • In reply to NinaGoyco:

    Que no? Yo juraba que te lo habia dicho! Ya perdi toda nocion del tiempo, jejeje. Te llamo manana!

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