"I Want That!"

Remember back in December, when I was singing the praises of my non-materialistic boy who didn’t want any presents for Christmas?

Well, forget it.

Just in time for his fourth birthday, Dylan has developed a bad case of the “I wants.”

It started innocently enough. Dylan and I would be at the store, when suddenly he would point to an item and say, “I want that.” I would hand him the item and he would play with it until we got to the cash register, whereupon he would say goodbye to it and hand it over to the checker without complaint.

To me, this was a win-win situation. Dylan would entertain and behave himself while I shopped but we wouldn’t end up with yet another toy that he’d completely ignore when we got home.

I used the same tactic when Dylan’s obsession with cats began to grow (yes, just like Lisa’s son, Cooper, Dylan has a passion for cats). When Dylan would say “I want a cat” I’d just answer, “Ok, let’s go to the pet shop and play with the kitties for a while.”

All too soon, though, Dylan caught on to me. “I want a cat” was quickly replaced with “I want a cat IN MY HOUSE.”  [Um, no. Aimee Dog would have a heart attack if we brought another animal to the house.] Now “I want that IN MY HOUSE” is the expression that most often comes out of my boy’s mouth.

Dylan wants everything he sees on TV commercials, no matter what it is. Cereal, toys, shaving cream, cell phones…he wants it all. He wants any and all items within his reach at the store, and I am forever pulling items out of the cart just to have him notice it’s gone, go back to the aisle, grab another one, and put it back in the cart.

Now that he knows his birthday is coming up, the “I wants” have become even more insistent. We already have a birthday wish list a mile long, ranging from whales to Star Wars toys to, of course, cats – sometimes even two or three cats.

I’m sure this is only the beginning, too. Soon, he will be asking for video games and other incredibly expensive items. We have no intention of bowing to his every wish, of course, but I do miss the days when his only demands were balloons and candy. I can’t even imagine how long this year’s Christmas list is going to be!


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  • Hey...another cat lover! We just watched the Aristocats last night and Cooper loved it. Old movie and moved a bit slow but it helped with the cat obsession. Regarding the "I want...", I got nothing. Sorry.

  • In reply to LisaWitek:

    Oh, yes, he is absolutely obsessed! I don't know where he got it from, either, because we are dog lovers. I tried buying one of those Fur Reals after reading your post. He likes it, but now says "I want a REAL cat IN MY HOUSE!" ;-)

  • In reply to LisaWitek:

    Es mucho mejor un gato que otro perro. Los gatos son mas limpios y dan menos trabajo. No tienes que sacarlos en la nieve a hacer sus necesidades. Dylan se lo merece pero cuando se vaya Aymee.

  • In reply to Valmir:

    Si su pasion por los gatos continua, creo que terminaremos con uno en algun momento, pero solo cuando Dylan sea mas grande y lo pueda cuidar!

  • In reply to LisaWitek:

    Es natural que empieze a querer las cosas. Depues que no le entre una rabieta porque no se lo compraron... Eso demuestra que es un ni

  • In reply to Valmir:

    Todavia no le ha entrado una rabieta, gracias a Dios! Ojala que eso no sea lo proximo que viene por ahi...

  • In reply to Valmir:

    Que comica! Asi son los mios, pero con comida! Who knows, a lo mejor terminan con un gatito por ahi, Lucia tambien quiere uno (not happening IN THIS HOUSE!) :)

  • In reply to NinaGoyco:

    Jajaja, como me hiciste reir con eso! Que es con estos ninos y los gatos????? No entiendo...

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