Finally, a GOOD vacation!

As you might remember, the last time that Dylan spent time with my family, he was NOT on his best behavior. Tantrums, sleepless nights, general grumpiness…the boy definitely made us re-think taking him on any more trips for a long time to come! However, before we even decided to go to Disney World, we had already bought tickets to Puerto Rico in February. Barely a month after the disastrous Disney World trip, it was time to get on an airplane again. I was a nervous wreck.

I spent the entire month between trips talking to Dylan about the need to be on his best behavior, to listen to Mami and Daddy, to be loving towards Abuelita and Abuelito and Tio and Titi…in short, to be the exact opposite of everything he was in Florida!

Despite our concern about Dylan’s behavior, we were all very excited about the trip. Bill was dying to get away from the cold and go sailing. I was excited to see my family again and to celebrate my brother’s baby shower. Dylan mostly wanted to “go to the beach and go inside a sperm whale” (like Pinocchio),  although he did say he was excited to see my family and his second cousin Katerina as well. 

It seems like all of the time I spent ‘prepping’ Dylan for the trip paid off, because he was an absolute angel the whole three weeks of the trip! He was happy, obedient, and very loving towards my family. He was always kissing and hugging my parents and seeking them out to spend time alone with them. My parents were able to take him out a few times on their own without Dylan even asking about the whereabouts of his parents. They absolutely loved it, and Bill and I had some very welcome alone time for quiet dinners and nights on the town.

My brother and his wife Arleane were also able to have some great quality time with Dylan. They actually took him one night for a sleepover at their house, and Dylan had a fantastic time with them! He had so much fun he didn’t even remember he had parents until about 2 pm the following day, when he finally started asking for his Mama.

Bill, Dylan and I were able to spend lots of time at the beach and to take a couple of road trips around the island. Dylan even got to go on a catamaran twice, the first time on a sunset sail and the second on a snorkeling trip. He loved the fins, but refused to wear the mask, although that didn’t prevent him from swimming underwater in the ocean with his eyes open!

The high point of our trip was definitely Jadit and Arleane’s baby shower. They are expecting a baby girl in April, and everyone is so happy and excited about the impending arrival of baby Kaori. The shower was held at my parent’s house, and everything turned out beautifully. The food was delicious, the parents-to-be were glowing and beaming from ear to ear, all the guests were happy…in all, it was a wonderful party.

It was a wonderful vacation, period. Our three weeks seemed to go by in a flash, and before we were ready to, it was time to say goodbye and return home. We hope to go back in the summer to meet the newest member of the family, but in the meantime we are in for a long wait, especially since Dylan won’t stop mentioning that he wants to go back to the beach and see whales (not that he did see whales during our trip, but whatever).

Whenever we do go back, I will be sure to start talking to Dylan about acceptable behaviors a month in advance again. Hey, it worked like a charm!


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  • ahora si me diste mas ganas de irme. Necesito playa pero ya y eso k yo no soy playera. Entiendo a la perfeccion la cantaleta para k se porten bien con la familia. Me diste una buena idea. La Navidad pasada fue maravillosa pero estos nenes "can turn on a dime" ademas k Steve no va asi k no se como reaccionara Ame. Preciosas las fotos!

  • In reply to abelaval:

    Me alegro que te haya gustado! Yo regresaria feliz ahora mismo. Sigh...y ahora los pasajes estan un poco prohibitivos asi que no se que sera de los planes de regresar en verano. Disfruta tus vacaciones, ojala que para cuando regreses la primavera haya llegado de lleno a Chicago!

  • In reply to abelaval:

    Como los dijiste, disfrutamos de Dylan lo que no pudimos en Disney. Despues la casa se sentia vacia y solitaria. Nos hacia falta los gritos de alegria por la ma

  • In reply to Valmir:

    Me alegro que finalmente hayan podido disfrutar de su nieto! Los extranamos mucho y esperamos poder verlos otra vez muy pronto!

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