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Is It "Such A Pretty Fat"?

“My GOD!” I screamed as I scooted that damned little weight block up and up the scale at the gym- and it still wouldn’t balance! I had to actually move that big black block UP into a new 10-lb range that I have not seen since pregnancy. I was pregnant then. PREGNANT!  Shit. Shit, Shit! I’m not gonna... Read more »

Asher's Ukrainian Orthodox Christening

Asher and his great grandfather (picture courtesy of Rebecca Jill Photography)
My Previous Entry > “Call Me Crazy” Steve’s family is from Ukraine; he, his brother and sisters are first generation Americans. Steve is the youngest of four and by the time he came around his parents had begun regularly speaking English in what had once been a predominantly Ukrainian-speaking household. Though it wasn’t as strictly... Read more »

Call Me Crazy

Atia attended the girls-only baby shower.
My Previous Entry > “Playing with Others: Smiles and Giggles” Though everything went smoothly during Atia’s chemo push, the side effects were another story… She was tired, cranky and plagued with constipation, again! As expected, the steroids played tricks with her mood; we never knew what was going to trigger tears, rage, smiles or giggles. It... Read more »

Reward or bribe

I was so excited when she slept through the night on  Monday that I went to Target on Tuesday and bought all the Princess and Dora stuff on sale for a $1. I was getting ready for a week of rewards until the nanny's statement. Now the bag is in my trunk ready for future reward opportunities and/or a long flight to PR.
“If you want a popsicle, you have to finish your dinner first”. “If you want to watch TV, you need to brush your teeth first”. I find myself repeating these sentences almost every day in order to get my 3 year old to do as I tell her. If you’ve ever had a toddler or... Read more »

Bunk Bed Update

It’s almost been 2 weeks since we got the bunk beds for the girls and it’s been interesting.  The little person who makes it interesting is Andrea.  She has managed to keep her sister awake and after a long night waking her up in the morning.  The first 2 nights, she was really excited to... Read more »

Learning to Read

Cooper is starting to read!  It is so cool to see him sound out letters.  The look on his face when he realizes putting sounds together makes a word is priceless.   Reading to the boys has always been a priority for us.  Ken and I read to them at least twice a day, two books... Read more »

A Eulogy in Four Vignettes

We celebrated the life of my maternal grandmother, Florence Mrizek, this past Saturday. She had passed away in January at the age of 92, following a long series of illnesses which she stubbornly fought off. Her daughter Kathleen Gregg, (whom we all call Leonard), wrote this wonderful poem about her mother, and read it at... Read more »

A Stress Fracture

To die for!  Follow the instructions from the Joy of Baking and you'll fisnish up with a masterpiece!
Not too long ago a friend of mine gave me a certificate for a one hour foot massage for my birthday.  A foot massage?  This sounds like fun!  I thought to myself and off I went for my one hour massage.  To tell you the truth it was a pretty amazing experience, since the masseuse was... Read more »

Playing With Others: Smiles and Giggles

Trying to find the best toy in the box.
My Previous Blog > “Grandpa’s Second Chance, Courtesy of His Little Angel” By the end of May (2010), Asher was seven months old, crawling and had cut his first tooth. He was also tagging along with his big sister to her Gymboree Art and Music classes. Atia was 32 months old and doing really well. She... Read more »

Toddlers and sleep

But who will go driving a three year old at 3AM so she can fall back asleep. Maybe I should start taking her to work with me. Ay Mama!
We have been blessed with a healthy, smart, beautiful little girl. With that said, we have been cursed with a child who fights sleep with every fiber of her being. We have a video monitor so we have see her trying to stay awake. Even talking to herself to stay up.  It’s been this way... Read more »