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Along our journey, the unexpected kindness from strangers has touched us deeply, but so have our friends, family and acquaintances’ amazing gifts of time, talent, love and support. Everyone has selflessly given in hopes of easing our struggles and bringing happiness into our lives. Ms. Lindsay is no exception; her giving spirit still resonates with us today…

Last April – a year into treatment – Atia had some friends over for a play date. It was a special day because Ms. Lindsay was coming over to sing. Ms. Lindsay was Atia’s Wiggleworms teacher before she’d gotten sick. Every week we visited Ms. Lindsay at Wiggleworms and Atia always wound up front and center singing, dancing and playing her favorite instruments – she loved the kiddie folk music.

Ms. Lindsay always encouraged Atia’s musical expression and praised her enthusiastic participation. Wiggleworms was the highlight of Atia’s week (and mine, too). 

Then one day, Atia stopped going to class…

Upon learning of Atia’s cancer diagnosis, Ms. Lindsay reached out to us. She knew how much Atia enjoyed her class and wanted to do whatever she could to bring Atia some joy and perhaps even a smile; she thought that her upbeat music might do the trick.

Though I couldn’t take her up on her offer right away, due to Atia’s fragile immune system, I promised that I’d keep in touch. I thought about Ms. Lindsay’s offer all the time and I couldn’t wait to surprise Atia with the news, but I had to wait until the “right time.” I really wanted to try to recreate the class that Atia so desperately missed (or maybe it was me that truly missed the normalcy of a weekly music class).

So, on a beautiful sunny day, Atia’s friends Carter, Harper and Ellis came over and eagerly awaited Ms. Lindsay’s arrival (back in the day, Carter and Harper were in Wiggleworms, too). When they spotted Ms. Lindsay pedaling up on her bicycle with her guitar strapped to her back, they all hopped up and down in delight.

Ms. Lindsay wasted no time. She said her hellos and then began skillfully strumming her guitar. She didn’t stop for an hour; she transitioned from one song to another seamlessly. Atia recognized some of her old favorites and the kids had a wonderful time.

That day, Ms. Lindsay not only brought Atia the joy and smiles she’d hoped, but infused our home with the magical spell that only music can create – it was as though I could see the music notes wafting through the air, twirling around and drawing out the negative energy – the fear, the sadness, the self-pity.

Lindsay Weinberg brought the healing powers of music into our home, and it was the best therapy we could have asked for.

Earlier this year, the ladies of Ay, Mama! interviewed Ms. Lindsay on our radio show. Click here to listen.

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