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Happy Holidays!

Well tomorrow is Christmas Eve…are you ready? I am getting there.  My shopping is done, but I am up to my elbows in wrapping paper.  For my family, celebrating Christmas is a three-day marathon and I love it!    Tomorrow, we celebrate Christmas Eve with Ken’s family.  On Saturday, we celebrate Christmas Day with my... Read more »

Behind the Scenes

My Previous Blog > “And Dreams Do Come True…” I’m not gonna lie. I’m exhausted – absolutely, totally and completely exhausted. It’s been a crazy few weeks. I normally write my blogs well in advance, but not this one. It was written mere hours before being published. Why? Well, with all the excitement of Project... Read more »

Happy Anniversary!

“You have pronounced yourselves husband and wife but remember to always be each other’s best friend.  You may now kiss the bride”. December 22nd of 1999, exactly eleven years ago I got married to the love of my life.  As most of you know by now, I grew up with divorced parents.  I think I... Read more »

Christmas Service

Randy Southern finishes his two week guest writing stint on Ay, Mama! today.  “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” is playing on the radio. Again. Every Christmas season I’m reminded of how endlessly timely John Lennon’s message of peace is–and how absurdly unimaginative radio programmers are. I know this year marks the 30th anniversary of Lennon’s... Read more »

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly Musically

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly Musically
“Now, bring us some figgy pudding, and bring it right here.  We won’t go until we get some!” Best…holiday…sentiment…EVER! Like fellow blogger Lisa, I am a Christmas music junkie. The only rule I ascribe to it: NEVER before Black Friday nor after January 2nd. Otherwise, it is Holly, Holiday Traditions, Be-Bop Christmas, or “The Light”... Read more »

Update #2 - A Visit to the Eye Doctor

A different view of Gaby doing her therapy.
In February and October I related my story of Gaby having frequent headaches and taking her to the eye doctor.  The first doctor recommended vision therapy which would be a pricey treatment.  A second opinion resulted in her getting glasses and the headaches disappearing.   Then when school started, her headaches returned and it was another... Read more »

The Sounds of Christmas

Can you feel it?  Christmas is in the air.  At our house, you can more than feel it…you can hear it.  Christmas is in the air in the way of music as my boys are addicted to Christmas music.  They are running around the house singing and dancing to Frosty, Jingle Bells, you name it…they sing... Read more »

Jolly Christmas Eve!

Today is perhaps my favorite day of the year. The anticipation in the air. Presents waiting to be torn open. The shopping is finally done and there are thousands of calories on the table begging to be inhaled.  Tradition for my immediate family is to spend today together. My sister, her husband, and their three... Read more »

Christmas without snow

See how green that pine is in the middle of the tropics? In full disclosure, it's fake.
As you read,  this I’m home for the Holidays. Please don’t hate me because home happens to be San Juan, PR one of the Top 10 cities in the world to spend Christmas. Oh and I don’t want to hear how it’s not Christmas without snow. Yes, our pines dry up quickly but they look... Read more »

And Dreams Do Come True...

My Previous Blog > “One Year Since Diagnosis” “A dream is a wish your heart makes…” — Disney’s Cinderella¬† Five years ago, I was paralyzed with fear after receiving a dismal prognosis. I had stage IIIb melanoma. There are only four stages of skin cancer, with the fourth being terminal and I was teetering on... Read more »