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Happy New Year!!!

All of us at Ay Mama!, wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.  May 2011 be better for all of you and may you be able to keep all your resolutions.  Thank you for your support in 2010 and may it continue in 2011.  I’ve always seen celebrations for the New Year as an... Read more »

Silence is a Haven

Frances Ruiz, our Ay Mama! guest blogger today, has a juris doctor degree in Law and practiced as an attorney in Puerto Rico from 1999-2003.  Since 2003, she has worked as a freelance translator from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish for several companies and law firms.  She lives in Fishers, Indiana, with her... Read more »

Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and for many, this night is a really big deal.  For me, not so much.  I have never been a big fan of New Year’s Eve as it reminds me how fast time is going.  Also, at this time of year, I stop and reflect on where my life is... Read more »

T Minus 3 Days

Christmas is finally over.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the Holiday Season but I am also happy that we are back to reality; well, at least for three more days since I am leaving for Puerto Rico on New Year’s day.  To do list before blast-off: -Take out all Christmas decorations -Finish all... Read more »

For Old Times Sake -or- The Meaning of "Auld Lang Syne"

Those people you used to know and hang out with? Well, forget about ’em! That’s essentially what you sing every new year at the stroke of midnight, after you’ve kissed your sweetie. In typical Scottish tradition, “Auld Lang Syne” can mean either the above title phrase, ‘for times long past’, or even ‘long, long ago’. It was... Read more »

Thank You for the Music

Everyone enjoys playing with the toy house.
My Previous Blog >“Behind the Scenes” Along our journey, the unexpected kindness from strangers has touched us deeply, but so have our friends, family and acquaintances’ amazing gifts of time, talent, love and support. Everyone has selflessly given in hopes of easing our struggles and bringing happiness into our lives. Ms. Lindsay is no exception;... Read more »

Back to reality

I’m writing from my Dad’s computer in my brother’s former room, talk about deja vu. This is the worst part of the vacation, the last hours before I leave Puerto Rico. I’ve had 8 days of family, friends and warm weather. After 14 years living away from home, I should be a pro at doing... Read more »


“One of the great myths of life is that childhood passes quickly. In fact, because time moves more slowly in Kid World – five times more slowly in a classroom on a hot afternoon, eight times more slowly on any car journey of more than five miles…and so slowly during the last week before birthdays,... Read more »

Merry Christmas

Very excited for their new game.
Wishing all our readers a joyous Christmas and best wishes, from all of us at Ay Mama to you and yours!!!! Being a parent gives Christmas an entirely new meaning.  From the time you find out that your parents are really Santa to when you have children, Christmas isn’t as fun. There is joy during... Read more »

And to all a good night!

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa Claus brought you everything your heart desired! As you might remember, on my last post a few weeks ago I wrote about Dylan’s aversion to presents and how I was terrified of his reaction on Christmas morning when he saw all those presents... Read more »