Happy New Year!!!

All of us at Ay Mama!, wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.  May 2011 be better for all of you and may you be able to keep all your resolutions.  Thank you for your support in 2010 and may it continue in 2011. 

I’ve always seen celebrations for the New Year as an adult ocassion.  The children can celebrate Christmas a week earlier and we can get the New Year celebration.  Once I started doing more adult things I looked forward to New Year celebrations.  I generally did an evening of dancing with friends to bring in the New Year.  Then once all the revelry ended I would head home to continue the celebrations with family, I had so much fun.  For the New Year celebration nothing could stop me, not even being sick.  This was one holiday I couldn’t not celebrate BIG.  I had no worries about taking care of anyone but myself the next day.  When I worked at a local television station, Christmas was the holiday everyone wanted off.  I was the only one willing to work without hesitation.  It would then be perfectly fine to request New Year’s day off.  Coworkers thought I was weird, but I enjoyed this so much.  This continued once I got married, it was the best.

Of course all this changed once I had children.  Now the New Year’s celebration is with children and family at someone’s home.  I’ve found mysel sitting on a couch watching television with a sleeping child as the New Year rang in.  Illness has been able to sit me down.  I rang in 2007 at home alone, asleep with an ear, throat, and sinus infections.  My husband and the 2 girls were at my mom’s celebrating and helping taking care of the baby I had at the time.  This is all fine because I wouldn’t trade this new way of celebrating for the world.  Once my daughters can take care of themselves and me after a night of partying I can return to my previous New Year celebrations.  Ay mama!  Happy New Year!! Feliz Ano Nuevo!!

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  • Happy New Year to you too! I hear 'ya--all the way!

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