Back to reality

I’m writing from my Dad’s computer in my brother’s former room, talk about deja vu. This is the worst part of the vacation, the last hours before I leave Puerto Rico. I’ve had 8 days of family, friends and warm weather. After 14 years living away from home, I should be a pro at doing this good bye thing, but it’s still very hard. I know that vacations are different than living full time in your hometown. People make it a point to see you, plus the holidays give us the perfect excuse to party together. If I lived here, I probably wouldn’t see my parents, my brother and his family, my best friend from High School as often as I see them when I’m here. With that said, good byes just suck.

So pardon me for the short entry. my family and I are in what  my husband calls moping mode. We walk around with droopy, sad eyes waiting for the inevitable moment when we have to leave for the airport. Oh but I still have time to by a dozen mallorcas before we leave so that we can have them in the freezer back in Chicago. They will help me survive the home sickness until my next trip home. Ay Mama!

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