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Not me!

How could I not neuter my sexy outfit for my little girl's happiness. "Mama, I'll be a witch and you'll be a bumblebee." Yes, I will. Ay Mama!
Before I became a parent, I swore I wouldn’t be caught dead doing certain things for my child. I found them either stupid, unnecessary or irresponsible. The following slideshow is dedicated to all my girlfriends who had babies before I did. I know girls, payback is….sweet! Ay Mama!

Life Returning to Normal

After the elation of finding out you’re pregnant, the pregnancy, and the arrival fo the new baby we find out, quite abruptly, that our life isn’t normal, as we are accustomed to, anymore.  Now in order to leave the house there’s a need to get a diaper bag ready.  Then you have to get the... Read more »

Happy Halloween!

Khadine's little tiger, Dylan
A few weeks ago, I wrote about passing on my love of Halloween to Dylan. On that post, I mentioned that Dylan was not at all afraid of all the Halloween decorations he was encountering, and absolutely loved all the monsters and ghouls he saw. Just as I was congratulating myself on having such a... Read more »


“We’ll chop off your head, then we’ll laugh when you’re dead“- ‘Scared Shrekless’, which premiered last night and amused us immensely (it’s on again tomorrow is you missed it!) Wow. I find myself with a whole other blog already written (this is a rare thing, as I am usually scratching my head around Tuesday wondering... Read more »

Why the Y?

Remember how I went from couch potato to the long lost cousin of Lance Armstrong? Or how miserable I was when I moved from Chicago to the cornfields?  Well, I could have never done it without the YMCA.  You know how some people go to church every Sunday to feel that sense of community, right?... Read more »

Oh, My Head!

We pass on our traits to our children. We all know this. It really is the coolest part of becoming a parent and ultimately, of genetics. You rediscover your grandfathers blue eyes in your son (Jack B.). Your daughter has your freckles or maybe dad’s dimple. Cool. Three cheers to the awesomeness of DNA! One... Read more »

I Love It, But I Hate It!

I love this time of year.  The leaves changing, visiting pumpkin patches, jumping in leaves, taffy apples, craft shows, decorating the house…everything Fall-like.  But, I also hate this time of year too.  School starts up again, the pressure of Holiday shopping is pending, Summer is over and Winter is coming.     So before Winter comes... Read more »

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is just around the corner and, like our Sunday guest blogger Khadine, I too love this Holiday. Back when we were kids, my Mother used to make our costumes. I remember always wanting to be something pretty; ballerina, fairy or princess were usually my top three favorites during those years.  I just loved dressing... Read more »

Ay, Mama! We're Famous!

My Previous Blog Entry > “Eggs, Ice Cream and Family Traditions” By April, Asher was six months old and was up to 20 pounds. He LOVED his solid foods and gobbled up green beans, carrots, peas and cereal. He was on the verge of moving into 9 to 12 month clothes and his top right... Read more »

3 Year Old Check Up

Am I the only one who feels like she’s going to a final exam when she takes her toddler to the yearly check up with the pediatrician? He doesn’t make me feel like I’m being tested. (I wish I could say that about the rest of his staff. To find out more click Just tell me... Read more »