What, Me Worry? (thank you Mad!)

We parents fret. We stew. Worry. We have the ability to see events three steps into the future-and worry over that. Apparently, it never ends, as I have asked parents with grown children about this, and they all say they still worry about their adult ‘babies’. 
This should be official welcome into parenthood: “Congratulations on your bundle of joy, now, here’s a lifetime of worry. Good luck!”
I was never a worrier until I became pregnant, and suddenly a world of anxiety opened up to me. It freaked me out. Can I eat white cheese? (yes, but not in France) Change the kitty litter? (no) What if I inhale this car’s exhaust next to me? (I’m officially crazy!)  Then when she was born: Is she breathing? (yes) Her head is flat on the left side, will she be brain damaged? (no) Aaaahhh!
As your child grows, you no longer worry about them sharing their toys, you worry about them chasing boys. Then catching a boy! Going off to college. Will they get a good job? Find a good wife? Raise a good family? Lead a good life? Calgon, take me away!
Scott’s maternal Grandmother has another great quote: “Small children…small problems. Big children…big problems”. Suffice it to say, we parents will be there worrying through it all.
Personally, I still like her adage that all her kids ever did was to “collect garbage and dirty dishes”. My kids do the same! 


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  • That quote is what everyone tells me, as our children grow so do our problems and worries. My mother continues to worry mad over all of us. That's a lot of worrying for a long time. I tell her not to worry anymore and says she can't stop. So now, I opt not to tell her certain things so not to worry her. We'll see what there is in store for us. Good luck to all of us.

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