The Pacifier and Kaloo: Lucia's Perfect Combo

Ever since Lucia turned two, we’ve been trying to get rid of her pacifier.  The Santa will take the pacifier trick did not work at all.  The giving it to a newborn baby scheme was completely unsuccessful.  Nothing ever seemed to work for the last two years; both Enrico and I lost complete hope and thought she was going to be attached to the pink pacifier for the end of time.

She’s also been attached to a pink stuffed animal that we named “Kaloo”.  Lucia, the pink pacifier and Kaloo have been together since she started sleeping in her crib.  Kaloo has been to Russia, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Spain, Norway and many other countries.  We have never been able to find a replacement for Kaloo, since it was discontinued a couple of years ago.  As you can imagine, Kaloo went from fluffy and cute to pale and raggedy within the first couple of years.  The poor thing is a mess, but she cannot live without the pink bear.
Exactly a week ago, my beautiful princess Buttercup turned four years old.  That morning, she woke up with both Kaloo and her paci, like any other day.  We had a special breakfast treat, she opened her presents, and we were ready to cater her every need during the entire day; after all, birthdays only come once a year.
Mami, I am a big girl now and I don’t need the pacifier anymore.  Can we throw it out now?  What?  I couldn’t believe my ears?  Was I being punked by my own four year old?  Since this was not the first time we attempted to get rid of the paci, I just hid it with the gift wraps to give it to her later in the day. Sure, Mamita, you are a big girl now and you do not need your paci.  Mami will throw it away now.  I am so proud of you! 

As the day went on, we all enjoyed the day together with pink cupcakes while decorating her new big girl room.  She absolutely loved the hot pink canopy, new bedding and pillows.  I’m a big girl!  Don’t call me Lucia, my name is Princess Aurora!  Was all she could say during her special day.  She was so happy and I was dreading bedtime, because I knew what was going to happen.  
It was 7:30 pm already and the kids were still on a sugar high.  After a nice long bath we put Joaquin to sleep and Lucia asked for Kaloo and her pacifier.  I knew it!  Crap.  It was too good to be true.  Princess Aurora, I thought you were a big girl now?  You don’t need your pacifier.  Here’s Kaloo.  Oh boy, this was going to be a looong night!  Well, to my surprise she fell asleep without her pacifier or Kaloo; we had absolutely no issues what-so-ever.  It’s been over a week now and I still can’t believe this was such an easy process. I still can’t believe that my four year old chose to do break the habit and succeeded on her own.  Just amazing.
So you must be wondering if Kaloo is still a big part of her, huh?  Well, I am sad to say that not anymore.  I guess that Lucia’s pink pacifier and Kaloo had a symbiotic relationship, where one cannot exist without the other.  After watching Toy Story 3 a few months ago I didn’t have the heart to throw away the raggedy pink bear; that is one stuffed animal that will forever live in our pictures, memories and hearts.  Ay Mama!

**To my readers:  No recipe today, I am still mourning Kaloo.

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  • They grow-up so fast....when they do things like Lucia did- it's amazing. Great entry, Nina! :)

  • In reply to kathikubal:

    I know, right? They surprise me every day! Thanks for reading, Kathi :-)

  • In reply to kathikubal:

    Wow that's amazing :)

    Your little girl is growing up and making great autonomous decisions, kudos to Lucia!

  • In reply to vavila3:

    Thanks Vanessa! I've missed your comments lately! Thanks for reading :-)

  • In reply to vavila3:

    I will miss Kaloo snif snif

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