Pre school fashion

You would think that being on TV means I love spending time shopping and putting together outfits to show off on TV.  Wrong! Shopping for clothing stresses me out. This is not a result of having many people looking and judging my outfit daily on the Morning News. I’ve always been that way. I think I was one of the few girls who liked having a school uniform while growing up. Maybe WGN could issue us old school two piece suits with the number 9 on them…

Shopping for my daughter is a completely different story. I love it! My friends who also have little girls were right. I would rather shop for Amelia than for myself. Matching her outfits is a lot easier than matching mine and she seems to look cute in everything. As the Latin mom of a girl, I pride myself in having her accessorized almost from head to toe. In our culture, no outfit is complete without a bow.
I never thought I would feel any stress dressing my cute little girl. But it’s Sunday night and I find myself staring at her closet, fretting over what Amelia will wear tomorrow. The school doesn’t allow jeans so that kills 50 percent of my creations. I don’t want to send her in her best dresses, just in case it’s finger painting day. I admit it, I want her teachers to notice how well put together she always looks. Yes, it’s vain but don’t worry I’m more concerned  about her doing a good job, socializing with others and adjusting well, as evidenced in my previous posts First Day of Pre school and Pre school and Potty.
Clearly this is only her third week in school. Check in on us come January when I break out her sweats. Ay Mama!

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  • I'm the same way with Dylan,though. Love shopping for him, hate shopping for myself. I can look like a bum at the grocery store, but he always matches and is dressed super-cute. Someone once told me that's a sign of being a good mom, when your kid looks much more put together than you! I do think little girl clothes are waaaaay cuter than boy clothes. If I ever have a girl, I'm gonna be in BIG trouble!

  • me too. Jeans and t shirts for me, Amelia dress to kill. Loved your blog yesterday. Got some good comments of facebook from people. check them out.

  • I know exactly what you mean. I LOVE to dress the girls! I am much less put together than I used to be. I have a full closet of clothes I barely touch. I have, however, now lost control of Lilija's dressing. She is now 2nd grade and into her own. She does allow me to choose for her, twice a week. I go with it. :) But, I miss the baby stage. :)

    Funny you mention getting stressed out shopping, even though people would expect you to like all that, since you're on TV. My sister-in-law is also a reporter and anchored for Seattle's KOMO 4. Denise is also an adventurer and climbs mountains for breast cancer research. She has mentioned many times how even though she is a TV personality, she is not comfortable dressing herself and has always appreciated the help of dressers. I think she is more comfortable in climbing clothes than pumps and starched suits! I think that is something most people who watch TV personalities wouldn't know!

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