Pre school and potty

“We made it through school!” to quote my almost three year old in her very Dora The Explorer voice. The first drop off was very, very hard on both of us. I’m not sure if Amelia sensed anything (I made it a point to tell her she was going to school on Sunday, but no where near bed time to avoid getting her excited or stressed out), but she woke up at 2AM and didn’t go back to sleep until 4:30AM. I had taken the day off from work in order to take her to school, so at 7:15AM I had to wake her up.

She was very whiny and crabby while I dressed her and gave her breakfast. Once we got in the car, she seemed excited to get there. Not so much when we went into the building. Long story short, our good bye, aided by a very sweet teacher, was like when the FBI took  Elian Gonzalez from his Uncle’s house in Miami to send him back to his Dad in Cuba. Ok, I’m exaggerating.  
I played it strong until I was outside of the school and then I cried my eyes out. Thirty minutes after dropping her off, I received a text message from a friend of mine who has her twins at the same daycare “Amelia is happy!” Obviously, I cried again. I had never been so happy to read a text message. I called my friend to confirm that she had seen the right girl 
“She wearing a shocking pink and orange dress,” I said.
My girlfriend saw the right girl. Apparently 10 minutes after I dropped her off, Amelia was sitting at the table chatting with a teacher and a little boy. Yes!!
Duty calls so her baby sitter was in charge of dropping her off the rest of the week and I heard it was better every day. There were less tears each time. When I picked her up 4 hours later, she would tell me: “now I can smile again”,  but that is direct quote from a Dora episode. The teacher told me Amelia had plenty of smiles during the morning. The daily reports also showed progress; by Thursday and Friday she was participating in class and not stopping to cry. The assistant teacher even suggested that I start sending her in underwear rather than pull ups because she thinks Amelia is ready to be potty trained. 
I am doing better too, thank you for asking. Once or twice during the day I catch myself thinking, “what if she’s sitting at the table, crying all by herself”, “what if she’s staring out the window screaming my name”. I have issues, I know. Hopefully both of us will do better during our second week.  Ay Mama!

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