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Update - Karla in preschool

Well, it’s been 5 weeks that Karla has been in school and she has really sruprised me.  Before she started school I was worried about a few things such as her getting upset for calling her Karla with an English accent and not with a Spanish accent as she likes.  I was also worried about... Read more »

Happy Fall Equinox

Today is the Fall (Autumnal) Equinox.  Technically, it is when night and day are nearly of the same length and the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving southward.  It layman’s terms, it means the first day of fall is here and summer is officially over…BUMMER!   During my July 8th entry, Yikes…Summer Is Half Over,... Read more »

Confessions of a Children's Book Addict

Back in the day, when living in the city, the only business owner in town who knew me ran the bakery (mmmm, Dinkels). Today, the ones who know me are the librarians. They know my kids by name. They’d see us every week. We’d attend almost every Story Time or special event.  I love the... Read more »

You Are NOT A Bad Mom!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a mom say, “oh, I am such a bad Mom”, I would be loaded. Usually the conversation involves the mom in question saying they let their kid have candy before bed time, or they were all out with friends and went to bed SO late.... Read more »

The Pacifier and Kaloo: Lucia's Perfect Combo

One week before she turned four.
Ever since Lucia turned two, we’ve been trying to get rid of her pacifier.  The Santa will take the pacifier trick did not work at all.  The giving it to a newborn baby scheme was completely unsuccessful.  Nothing ever seemed to work for the last two years; both Enrico and I lost complete hope and thought... Read more »

Pre school and potty

“We made it through school!” to quote my almost three year old in her very Dora The Explorer voice. The first drop off was very, very hard on both of us. I’m not sure if Amelia sensed anything (I made it a point to tell her she was going to school on Sunday, but no... Read more »

Marital Arguments and Children...What to do?

At the hotel where we spent our honeymoon, 12 years later.
I’m sure we’ve all been in this situation before;  a discussion with your spouse begins that gets heated and leads to an argument.  The problem with this situation is that the children are around.  My question is:  What should be done?  Should this argument stop immediately and be continued later or should this argument continue... Read more »

Popular Chicago Blogger and Reality TV Star Team Up to Raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer

My Previous Blog > “Spunk and Pizzazz” Exciting News! Today, a feature article was published about Atia’s Project Ladybug fund and the Oprah Please Do A Show On Childhood Cancer campaign. Check it out! Read Article I’m so excited to be teaming up with Dina Manzo and Project Ladybug.   My Next Blog > “The Tides Changed:... Read more »

Football Mania

Football season is upon us once again. Yay. Forgive me for my lack of enthusiasm, but I am not a fan. Football season means I cannot make plans with my husband on Sundays unless there is a television involved somewhere. It means he will spend countless hours sitting at the laptop looking at his fantasy football scores.... Read more »

No Regrets

I love sports.  Growing up, I tried them all.  Basketball, softball, gymnastics, ice skating, volleyball, track, soccer…you name it, I tried it.  I am so grateful to my parents for providing me with the opportunities to experiment with different sports.  As I got older, I narrowed my favorites down to basketball and soccer.  I played through high... Read more »