No Regrets

I love sports.  Growing up, I tried them all.  Basketball, softball, gymnastics, ice skating, volleyball, track, soccer…you name it, I tried it.  I am so grateful to my parents for providing me with the opportunities to experiment with different sports.  As I got older, I narrowed my favorites down to basketball and soccer.  I played through high school and a little in college.  It’s great that I tried so many sports, but what if I would have narrowed my focus earlier and was able to concentrate on one sport at an early age?  Could I have been the next Mia Hamm?


Now that I have children, I started thinking about how to approach sports with the boys, as well as other things like music, the arts and other hobbies that the boys may develop.  I want to provide them with the same options I had to try different things.  However, when do I try to narrow their focus down and guide them to one or two things they can master?  Tiger Woods’ father had him golfing at age two.  Could that happen for Cooper and Cole?  Absolutely! 


For Cooper, he has tried many things:  basketball, soccer, golf, swimming, the drums and karate.  He seems to be leaning towards karate, the drums and basketball.    


For Cole, he has not shown any interests in sports, except for dragging his golf clubs around and stealing Cooper’s golf balls.


For me, I have no regrets of what I did with sports, however, I do have regrets about other things.  I regret giving up playing the guitar.  I remember complaining to my parents about guitar lessons and wanting to quit…I hated it then.  My parents kept me in it through 8th grade, but I stopped in high school. Now I wish I could play the guitar like Sheryl Crow. 


I also regret not starting dance lessons sooner.  In grade school, I never really contemplated trying it because I thought I was a ‘jock’.  I took a dance class in high school my sophomore year and loved it.  I continued with dance classes through high school and a little in college, but could never make a career out of it.  I was ‘too old’ for it as there were girls who had been dancing since they were three years-old. 


Oh well…I have a few regrets, but as a parent, I want to try to minimize the regrets for my boys.  I guess all I can do is provide them with the opportunities to try new things, give them lots of encouragement and try to focus them on their strengths. Any other suggestions?


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  • I loved this entry, Lisa! I feel that my parents didn't expose me to sports while I was growing up and I had to search for things myself (i.e. student council, drama club, etc.). It is so important to open those doors to our kids! Thanks for such a great entry!

  • In reply to NinaGoyco:

    Nina - thank you my friend! Now you have the cycling thing, which many people can not do. You are officially a jock!

  • In reply to LisaWitek:

    Too funny...Tell that to my PE teacher in High School! I used to hide in the bathroom to avoid running or doing sit-ups! :-)

  • In reply to LisaWitek:

    Great entry, Lisa. I agree with you. I think exposing kids to as many activities we can is important. If any of them are the next Mia Hamm, I think that will shine through, as they will gravitate to one sport. For most of us adults and kids, I think it's a matter of staying fit and just plain having fun!

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    Anita - Thank you for your comment. It is about having fun!

  • In reply to LisaWitek:

    I'll follow your example on this too. Even though I'm sport impaired, I think it's important to expose her to sports AND arts.

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    Ana - You are right. You can't forget about the arts. Society may label athletes as heros and cool, but I think many people would put Bono and other artists in that same camp.

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    Like Ana said, sports and arts. Unfortunately, we see too little emphasis today on the arts side. Lisa, you said it yourself..."Now I wish I could play the guitar like Sheryl Crow..."I also regret not starting dance lessons sooner." Parents need to find and encourage a smart balance between the two.
    And schools need to find a way to increase funding for the arts, not cut them when budgets go south. Like the fictitious Mr. Holland said, "The day they cut the football budget in this state, well, that'll be the end of western civilization as we know it." Yep, pro arts here!

  • In reply to tonewheel:

    Thank you for your comment. I agree. My minimal exposure to the arts growing up is something I regret. I can change that for Cooper and Cole.

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