Just Like My Big Brother

Back on February 11th, I wrote a blog entry called, “Brothers…Will They Ever Get Along”.  It was about my concerns on whether Cooper and Cole would ever play together. 


Fast-forward to today…October 7th and boy do I see a difference in their relationship.  If you ask Cooper who is the funniest person he knows, he will say Cole.  Cooper will share his toys with Cole and wants to Cole to play with him.  He wants Cole to sit next to him at mealtime and wants him to sleep in his bed. 


And Cole can’t get enough of Cooper.  He tries to be just like his big brother in every way he can.  They both love cars, trains, music, drums, golf, throwing rocks, etc.  Cooper is everything to him, which makes me so happy.  I could sit there for hours watching them play together and wrestle with each other.  Cole will come up to Cooper and start tickling him, or he will run full on at Cooper to try to take him down.  It’s hysterical and Cooper loves it.


So here are some great pictures of Cole trying to be just like his big brother Cooper.  Hopefully this will last and it is not just a phase. 

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