Happy Fall Equinox

Today is the Fall (Autumnal) Equinox.  Technically, it is when night and day are nearly of the same length and the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving southward.  It layman’s terms, it means the first day of fall is here and summer is officially over…BUMMER!


During my July 8th entry, Yikes…Summer Is Half Over, I was freaking out about summer being more than half over and I had not really done anything fun yet.  Here I provided my list of summer ‘must dos’ for my family.  Also, within my August 5th entry Good Night Chicago:  Cooper’s 2010 Chicago Tour, I talked about Cooper’s fascination with the book Good Night Chicago and how he was determined to visit every location within the book.


So here is a photo montage of some of our family summer experiences, but with one twist.  All of the photos below were taken by Cooper!


So check out Cooper’s collection of summer photos and his adventures in Chicago.  


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  • I always celebrate these crazy celestial days. They're awesome. Solstices and equinoxes- yay!

  • In reply to kmccarron:

    Kelley - thank you! I knew you would appreciate this stuff!

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