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Update - The Third Child is the Charm

I hope the teacher will come to the house and check it.
Back in April I wrote about my youngest daughter, Andrea,  and how she was more “active” and defiant than my other two daughters.  I also mentioned she wouldn’t listen to us and would do her own thing.  Many of you responded and told me to be patient, that she was only 19 months old.  Well,... Read more »

What, Me Worry? (thank you Mad!)

We parents fret. We stew. Worry. We have the ability to see events three steps into the future-and worry over that. Apparently, it never ends, as I have asked parents with grown children about this, and they all say they still worry about their adult ‘babies’.  This should be official welcome into parenthood: “Congratulations on your... Read more »

The Pendulum Swings

It was so nice for everyone to come out in the dead of winter to help us celebrate our mom's birthday. She deserved it!!
My Previous Blog > “In Isolation: No Visitors Allowed!”  In January, Atia was released from the hospital after a brief three day stay. A few days later, she had a home blood draw and I prayed that her counts were high enough to resume chemo. Luckily, they were and she did. Seven days after she had... Read more »

Pre school fashion

I paired this with a jean jacket just in case she got cold. Very proud of my creation.
You would think that being on TV means I love spending time shopping and putting together outfits to show off on TV.  Wrong! Shopping for clothing stresses me out. This is not a result of having many people looking and judging my outfit daily on the Morning News. I’ve always been that way. I think I... Read more »

Hard to Say Goodbye

It’s been ten years since Enrico and I left Puerto Rico, but we try to go back to the island at least once a year to visit our family and friends.  The Holidays are our favorite time to go, since it is a nice break from the Midwestern Winters, plus there is nothing like the... Read more »

Just Like My Big Brother

Back on February 11th, I wrote a blog entry called, “Brothers…Will They Ever Get Along”.  It was about my concerns on whether Cooper and Cole would ever play together.    Fast-forward to today…October 7th and boy do I see a difference in their relationship.  If you ask Cooper who is the funniest person he knows,... Read more »

WHAT did you just ask me???

The other day, I went to the doctors’ office for my annual physical. As the nurse escorted me into the examination room, she started going through my chart and asking routine questions such as weight, height and the date of my last menstrual period. Then she asked how many children I had. “Just one,” I... Read more »

Giuliana Rancic From E! News on Ay, Mama!'s Radio Show

At The Rally for Kids with Cancer event in Chicago
My previous blog > “The Tides Changed: From Health to Hospital” The ladies of Ay, Mama! had the most amazing night! We interviewed Giuliana Rancic, co-anchor of E! News and Fashion Police, co-star of the Giuliana and Bill show and co-author of “I Do, Now What?” She was absolutely magnificent – so interesting, sweet and... Read more »

Being A Grandparent

This week, my Dad is stepping in and writing the blog.  When I was young, I could barely write a sentence, but my Dad worked with me on my writing skills.  Now I get paid to write for a living.  Thank you Dad!   Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!   “Never have children, only grandchildren.” – Gore... Read more »

Will It Get Easier?!

My Mother-In-Law Joan has the perfect quote about parenthood her own Mom used to say: “It doesn’t get easier, it just changes.”  She first said this to me during their visit when our new baby was 3 weeks old. I was fighting a 102 fever from mastitis, was still in agony from that birth, and had... Read more »