Partners in Crime

The first oficial week of school is over and it went pretty well.  Gaby and Karla are adjusting to their routine.  But, the one that is having a hard time is Andrea.  She really misses her “partner in crime” Karla.  A typical day for Karla and Andrea prior to school beginning was that Andrea would wake up Karla and then they would do everything together, watch television, have breakfast, and then play all day.  This is the way it has been for the last 2 years.  This school business isn’t sitting well with Andrea.  Andrea is very excited about taking her sisters to school, she even carries a book bag.  Yet, once Karla is in line Andrea won’t have it.  She cries trying to get out of her stroller to be by her sister’s side.  Once the school bell rings and she sees her sister leave she calms down but she’s not okay with this situation.  At home she just follows me around or looks for trouble on her own.  Once we pick up the girls she’s so excited about seeing her partner again.  Now, she has her partner back and they get in trouble together again.  Ay Mamá!

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