Moving...With Kids! (Part 1)

Over a week ago we moved to a house for the first time since we were kids.  We’ve always been apartment people; that’s usually the way to go when you live in a city.  No parking, small spaces and zero closet space is the absolute norm in most Chicago apartments.  In less than a week, I went from living in a matchbox to having a house with a two car garage and a backyard.  Talk about becoming my parents!  I suddenly felt like an adult for the first time since I had my firstborn.

For over a week we were packing and getting everything ready for the big day.  I got a couple of estimates from different moving companies ranging from $800.00 to $1,200.  What?  I am renting a U-Haul and I’ll move the boxes myself.  A couple of my buddies will help me out, Nina.  We are not spending one thousand bucks to move…again!  Oh well, I guess I was back to feeling like a twenty-something, since the last time we moved everything by ourselves had been over eight years ago without kids.  This was going to be a nightmare!

To our surprise, the kids loved the improvised “jungle gym” we had going on (between all the moving boxes and the empty spaces around the apartment).  They were having a blast!  We used this transition to switch Lucia from a toddler bed to a big girl bed; she was thrilled with the idea.  I want a pink princess room, Mami!  She kept on repeating over and over for days.  I couldn’t wait to get through the actual move to start unpacking.  I was also dreaming about the perks of having a house; especially about more closet space and a backyard for the kids.  Oh my God, I couldn’t believe I was actually thinking that living the suburban life was going to be great.  What the hell was happening to me?  I used to dread the suburbs and here I was dreaming about more space and a garage.  I was already becoming one of them and I didn’t even have the house yet.  Oh, crap.

The day of the move was actually easy breezy, since I didn’t do any of the heavy lifting.  My job consisted on unpacking and arranging everything in its place while the kids were running around the new house.  I was waking up my inner Martha Stewart and loving it!  Enrico, on the other hand, was in need of a chiropractor by the end of the day.  He worked his butt off without complaining, and got everything moved with the help of his buddies in less than four hours.  His only request: pizza and beer, and I was happy to oblige.

We were so ready for our first night in our new home; finally, some peace and quiet…

To be continued next week

For this week’s recipe…Call Domino’s Pizza!  It’s been crazy around here and we’ve been on a strict Papa Johns and Domino’s Pizza diet! 


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  • Glad everything went well with the move! And goood for you for ordering've worked hard and deserve a break! :-)

  • In reply to KhadineKubal:

    Thanks my friend! I am enjoying being a "grownup"!!

  • In reply to KhadineKubal:

    Hope u are already settled in and enjoying..como me rei con "this week's recipe.."LOL

  • In reply to camoll:

    LOL I know! It is true though! No cooking what-so-ever in the last week!

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