Billy Elliot and his parents

I’m not one to quote Katie Holmes. Actually, as of January of 2008, I refuse to read anything about Mrs. Tom Cruise. Well, last week I received my issue of New York Magazine (before you hate, I also receive and religiously read Chicago Magazine) with Holmes on the cover. If one of my favorite magazines had an article on her, What Are You Looking At?, I guess I had to at least skim it.  A quote about Holmes’ 4 year old Suri caught my eye:

“Whatever she wants to do, I know she’s going to be amazing at it. I’ve already started my applause, and I will be applauding for the rest of my life.”

I felt I little nauseous and embarrassed to agree with her but I did. From the moment my daughter was born, I clap in delight or pride at any milestone, big or small.  

Last Sunday I went to see the production of Billy Elliot at the Oriental Theater in Chicago. Watching the amazing Cesar Corrales play the role of Billy made me think of that quote. Before becoming a mother, I would have admired Cesar’s dancing, mature beyond his years (he’s 13 years old). I frankly would have wanted to be him or any of those magnificent young dancers on stage. After having my daughter, all I could think of was Cesar’s parents. 

Cesar is the son of professional dancers who, I am sure, are not surprised by his talent, but could you imagine how it must feel to see your son dominate a national stage. It has to be an overwhelming experience to see your baby, the one you’ve been applauding since he was born, getting a standing ovation from thousands of strangers, night after night.

Ok Mrs. Holmes Cruise, I’m woman enough to admit it, in this case, your quotes finally made sense. Ay Mama!

PS: I can’t end this blog without encouraging you to support the live arts. I am a big believer in taking kids to live performances and encouraging their love or at least their appreciation for it. Tickets for Billy Elliot are expensive but there are always deals to be had. Plus if you live in or around our wonderful city, we have plenty of excellent productions at affordable prices.  Take it from me, not every child is going to enjoy or be good in sports. The arts should always be an option. They made me a very happy child. Ok, I’m done with my preaching. Ay Mama!



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  • Ha! Who'd thought we'd both listen to Ms. Cruise? Love the plug for the arts, and here I sit, applauding when my kid wipes his own rear end- can you imagine them on that STAGE? Wow.

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