Adventures in Puerto Rican Camping - Part 3

After my brother Jadit spent the first morning of our camping trip dealing with the Seven Seas, Fajardo authorities and getting a brand new window installed in his vandalized car, he was finally able to relax and start enjoying his day sometime around noon. To that end, he popped open a Medalla beer and announced he was going for a dip in the ocean.  He was quickly followed by Dylan, who swam out to him as soon as he saw his uncle in the water.

They were having a great time, laughing and pointing at the fishes around them, when all of a sudden, Jadit shoots up, lifting Dylan high over the water. Dylan was holding up his arm, wincing and crying. We all ran up to meet them at the end of the water, and there it was, the perfect, tiny imprint of a small jellyfish on my little son’s arm. I felt my knees weaken and my body began to shake. Weren’t some jellyfish stings deadly? What if he got stung by one of those? How long before the venom would spread? Should we just take him to the emergency room right now? Should I pee on my son’s arm (they say the acidity in urine takes away the sting)?

Jadit had gotten stung right on his belly as well, and had an angry, burning red welt to show for it. It seems the jellyfish swam right between them as they played in the water and stung them both at the same time. As Bill had gotten stung by something (which we now knew was also a jellyfish) that morning, Arleane and I decided there was no way any of us were getting back in that water.


Dylan cried for a few minutes, and while I was still fretting over him and trying not to faint with worry, Bill quickly scooped him up and took him to the fresh water showers to try to make him feel a little better. I must say, our boy was a total trooper. After the first initial shock of pain, he didn’t cry or complain at all about his sting. As a matter of fact, I think he was rather proud of his jellyfish encounter, as that was the first thing he told anyone he saw for the next few days.


Between all of our boys sporting jellyfish marks, my legs itching and sporting angry red mosquito bite splotches, the impossibility of going back in the ocean because of the risk of getting stung, and the oppressive heat bearing down upon us, we decided we’d cut our camping trip short and head back to San Juan that same day. While we took down the tents, we reflected on the day’s adventures and our past camping trips.


For some reason, NONE of our camping trips with Jadit and Arleane have gone as planned. In Big Bear, CA, we got to the campsite only to find out that due to a drought we were not allowed to have a campfire. Therefore, we spent a freeeeeezing night of about 30 degrees shivering in our sleeping bags and wearing every single article of clothing we’d brought. Jadit and Arleane finally gave up and went to sleep in their car with the heat on.


In Ensenada, Mexico, Jadit and Bill went off to buy some beer and ended up getting lost and driving around for 3 hours while Arleane and I were left alone in the campsite with no money, no IDs, and freaking out that they’d gotten mugged or kidnapped. It was horrifying!


You may ask yourself, why do we do it, then? Why do we continue to plan camping trips when so many things seem to go wrong. Well, because at the end of the day, it’s fun. We love hanging out together, walking around in nature, talking and laughing until all hours of the night under the brightest starts we see all year. Despite all the things that have not gone as planned, we enjoy taking off, exploring new places, and roughing it just a little bit. This last camping adventure may not have ended up the way we hoped, but we still enjoyed it very, very much.


Would we do it again? Bring it on–but no jellyfish, please!


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Jadit and Dylan moments before they got stung


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  • Apesar de los pesares, siempre se goza en los camping. Ahora tuviste la experiencia con tu hijo, igual que nosotros tuvimos contigo y Jadit en los muchos campings que disfrutamos juntos.

  • In reply to Valmir:

    Definitivamente fue diferente a acampar solos, pero a la misma vez mas divertido. Las cosas se ven de muy diferente manera a traves de los ojos de un nino. La aventura se hace mucho mas fantastica!

  • Pienso que cuando uno es joven debe experimentar alguna vez ir de camping, pues es divertido. Yo fue Girl Scout y de adulta fue de camping en muchas ocasiones pero, en esta etapa de mi vida, te digo como Alejandro Sanz :te lo agradezco pero no:. Las fotos estan bellas.

  • In reply to Valmir:

    Jajaja, yo me imagino que despues de cierta edad estaremos en las mismas. Es fuerte...pero por ahora, todavia divertido!

  • It was fun!! I was worried you had an awful time after reading the previous entries. Putting aside all the troubles, the weather was perfect, the beach was beautiful, I got to share a jellyfish sting with my nephew and got a brand new car window. Hope we keep on doing these crazy trips, they are always fun. Next time: CULEBRA!!!

  • In reply to Jadit:

    NO!!! We had a great time. It's just that a lot of things happened, and honestly the fun parts don't make such a great story, lol! Definitely Culebra next time. Hopefully the weather with cooperate! :-)

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