Adventures in Puerto Rican Camping - Part 1

We recently returned from a much needed two-week vacation in Puerto Rico. We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends, enjoying amazing food and pretty good weather overall. The most memorable part of our trip, however, has to be our camping adventure.


Bill and I had been itching to take Dylan on his first camping trip for a while now. Back in Puerto Rico, my brother Jadit and his wife Arleane had also been talking about going camping. The four of us had previously camped in Big Bear, CA and Ensenada, Mexico before Dylan’s arrival, and had a great time, so when I mentioned to Jadit that we were coming to town for a visit and would like to take a little road trip out of San Juan, a two-day camping trip on the beach in Culebra (a small island to the east of PR) was quickly proposed.


We planned our camping trip for the last Wednesday of our vacation. At the beginning of the week, a tropical storm was detected near the island and we began to worry we’d be stuck in Culebra under a torrential downpour for two days. However, we were too pumped up about camping to cancel the trip, so instead of taking a 45-minute ferry ride down to Culebra, we decided to camp in Fajardo, a town in the eastern corner of the island. That way, if the weather was really bad, we could always just hop in the car and drive back to San Juan.


With high spirits and two carloads of supplies, we headed down to Seven Seas, Fajardo, on Wednesday morning. The day was idyllic. Not a cloud in the sky. The ocean was calm, the water crystal clear and warm. The campsite was empty except for one family of three generations of women on the site next to ours, who expressed relief at our arrival as they had been the only ones there the night before and had been so nervous about robbers that they’d slept with knives in their hands. We quickly set up camp and proceeded to spend the rest of the day frolicking on the beach and drinking Medalla beer.


Dylan took to camping as though he’d been doing it forever. He loved hanging out in the tent (and a little sun tent we’d brought for him to play in during the day), “helping” to make food on the campsite grill, and looking for iguanas and crabs on the beach. Around 9 pm, exhausted from playing in the sun all day and with a belly full of S’mores, he collapsed on the sleeping bag and didn’t stir again until morning. Jadit, Arleane, Bill and I stayed up, chattering away, playing Briscas (Spanish cards) and Uno and drinking still more beers.


Occasionally, we’d look up at the sky and marvel at the millions of stars shining brightly above us. It was a clear, cloudless night, and the night seemed to stretch out forever. Suddenly, a beaming flash of light shone down upon us, making us jump about a mile. No, it wasn’t a UFO, it was a disgustingly bright light post that seemed to illuminate the entire park with its million-volt beam and which the park district decided to turn on in the middle of the night for God knows what reason. Rubbing our newly-blinded eyes, we retired to our respective tents, hoping to be able to sleep despite the spotlight upon us.


That was the first indication that our idyllic camping trip would not turn out the way we thought it would…


(Continues next Sunday)


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  • Not fair. Me dejaste colgando. El cuento estaba tan bonito y ahora no se como termina. By the way, q titana porque yo nunca he acampado. (yo me bano en chanclas en las duchas de cualquier hotel) y menos con bebe. Pero hasta ganas me diste. Sera hasta la semana q viene.

  • In reply to abelaval:

    Sorry, Ana! Se me iba a hacer muy largo si contaba todo el rollo en un post, asi que tuve que dividirlo en 2 :-)

  • Pretty cool adventure/ start to the story! Camping by the ocean/ beach seems very hot was it?

  • In reply to kathikubal:

    It was pretty hot, but while we were out on the beach and on the campsite it wasn't that oppressing. Lugging all the supplies down to the site with the sun shining down on us, though, was ROUGH. And inside the tent was like an oven!

  • In reply to kathikubal:

    No sabia que no habian llegado a Culebra! Que bueno que gozaron, looking fwd to the second part of the story and the not so meaningless "bright light". Good you guys got back safe!

  • In reply to camoll:

    Es verdad, la ultima vez que hablamos fue antes de irnos camping, asi que no te habia contado! Pues si, como ya ves...terminamos en Seven Seas. Esta super bonita la playa. BTW, espero que hayas pasado un muy feliz cumpleanos!:-)

  • In reply to camoll:

    Nos dejastes esperando el final de la aventura...

  • In reply to Valmir:

    Asegurate de chequear el blog el domingo que viene para ver como termina! ;-)

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