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Moving...With Kids! (Part 2)

Add the whipped cream to the top of the pie and garnish it as desired.  Buen provecho and Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Continued from last week’s Moving…with Kids! After a long day of packing and unpacking it was now time to relax and slow down.  This was going to be a great night!  New house, new rooms, the kids were finally asleep; finally some downtime.  We were completely exhausted from our busy first day at the new... Read more »

My Hometown

You’ll soon know why I asked my friend Randy Southern to write today. He has some powerful stories to tell. Our town may never recover from his move, but a new life with his amazing new wife Holly has made it bearable for us to say bye.  Once a place touches you like this, the... Read more »

Billy Elliot and his parents

I’m not one to quote Katie Holmes. Actually, as of January of 2008, I refuse to read anything about Mrs. Tom Cruise. Well, last week I received my issue of New York Magazine (before you hate, I also receive and religiously read Chicago Magazine) with Holmes on the cover. If one of my favorite magazines... Read more »

Adventures in Puerto Rican Camping - Part 3

After my brother Jadit spent the first morning of our camping trip dealing with the Seven Seas, Fajardo authorities and getting a brand new window installed in his vandalized car, he was finally able to relax and start enjoying his day sometime around noon. To that end, he popped open a Medalla beer and announced... Read more »

Partners in Crime

The first oficial week of school is over and it went pretty well.  Gaby and Karla are adjusting to their routine.  But, the one that is having a hard time is Andrea.  She really misses her “partner in crime” Karla.  A typical day for Karla and Andrea prior to school beginning was that Andrea would... Read more »

Our Radio Show: Music with Lindsay Weinberg and the Kid Factor

We’ve moved times! You can find us every other Thursday at 7:00PM CST. Tonight we were joined by Lindsay Weinberg, a Wiggleworms teacher and brilliant singer/songwriter. We talked about the importance of music in children’s lives. Lindsay’s amazing and provided some great insight; we really enjoyed having her. In our Hot Topic segment, we discussed friendship and the kid factor... Read more »

Ultimate Cop Out

Yesterday was the first day of school. My baby started all day, and now I have to sit down and compose my thoughts into something other than what some raving mental patient would say. You’d have to be a fool (like Mr. T says) to think I can actually function enough to write. Don’t believe... Read more »

Through Her Hair, I Saw Survival

She was so exkited! THAT was a GOOD day!
Last Week’s Blog > “She Has to Take What?”   Beauty draws us with a single hair — Alexander Pope Seven months ago we were at an emotional turning point as the chemical assault on Atia’s delicate body had begun. Among other things, it caused her hair to fall out. We knew it was going to... Read more »

Boys and Their Toys

Boys and Their Toys
There are many differences between boys and girls, but one big one is their toys.  Cooper and Cole are typical boys.  They love cars, trains, trucks and Legos, which I am completely cool with and actually like as well.  But Cooper and Cole are boys and are starting to show an interest in typical boys’... Read more »

Moving...With Kids! (Part 1)

Over a week ago we moved to a house for the first time since we were kids.  We’ve always been apartment people; that’s usually the way to go when you live in a city.  No parking, small spaces and zero closet space is the absolute norm in most Chicago apartments.  In less than a week,... Read more »