What I will miss about a baby

Although I haven’t been very productive this summer, there is one thing I have been doing.  I have been getting my baby furniture together to give away.  Since, we have decided on no more children, I don’t want to have all this extra furniture taking up space.  As I was gathering these things I got a sense of nostalgia.  It hit me that I would no longer have a baby fall asleep on my chest and be very comfortable.  I would no longer have a baby gaze at me in amazement as a form of entertainment or while feeding.  There will be no more grasping of my finger very tightly or seeing a baby smile while in their sleep.  There won’t be excitement in the house about meeting the new sibling or family member.  Please don’t get me wrong I don’t want more children, but these are things I will miss of a new baby.  Also, these are moments that I most cherish and carry near my heart of my three girls.  Ay mamá!

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