Summer is half over. What have I done?

As a teacher, I look forward to the summer so I can refresh and prepare for the next school year and to organize my home and life (closets, doctor appointments, etc.)  I usually take the first week on a slow pace to get away from all the stress.  Then I begin to organize closets, drawers, etc.  Once this has been done I have more time to go on outings with the girls, take them to yearly appointments, and begin to plan for the following school year on down days. 

This summer has been different.  I’m into my 5th week of vacation with about 5 weeks to go and I have not done very much.  I immediately went on vacation when the schoolyear finished and I have been trying to establish a routine since we got back to no avail.  I’ve done some organizing in between having family fun.  But, just seeing the girls have some much fun makes me put everything else on the back burner.  Also, these memories will be the ones I cherish when they get older and don’t want to spend time with me. 

Nothing to worry, everything will get done just in time.  Enjoy a view of some of what I’ve been doing and watching, my camera wasn’t on hand for some other events.    Ay mamá!

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