Being Their Own Person

Sometimes I forget that my sons are individuals and not clones of each other.  It’s pretty cool how they are both developing their own personalities.  Cooper and Cole have their own ideas of what they like and dislike, but unfortunately in most situations, they are very different.


Here are some examples:


Fireworks:  Cooper hates fireworks.  He cries and covers his ears when he hears them. Cole loves fireworks.


Pool:  Cole hates the pool…actually anything with water.  During swim class, he cries for 45 minutes straight.  Cooper is our little fish.


Parades:  Cooper freaks out at parades, especially with the sirens on the fire trucks, police cars, basically anything noisy.  Cole loves parades and everything that is noisy.


Carnival Rides:  Cooper will not go on any rides at a carnival.  Cole loves anything that moves.


Reading:  Cole does not like to sit and read books.  He gets bored and walks away. Cooper loves to read and could sit for hours.


TV (family movie night):  Cole does not watch TV and refuses to sit for our movie night.  Cooper loves it and would have movie night everyday if he could. 


Animals:  Cooper loves cats.  Cole loves dogs.


It’s funny how two children can be so different even though we have tried to raise them the same and have offered them the same experiences.


I do appreciate their individuality and love them both for their different interests and personalities, however sometimes it divides us as a family and Ken and I are forced to pair off.  For example, Ken will stay in the pool with Cooper, while I get out and take a walk with Cole, or, I will go on rides with Cole while Ken and Cooper sit and watch.


On a positive note, we are trying to utilize their different interests into teaching both of them to share and compromise.  Cooper will go to the parade, but will wear ear plugs.  Cole will go in the pool for a while, but then will get out and take a walk. 


In the end, Cooper and Cole are different people and their differences are good for them as individuals and good for each other.  Sometimes when Cooper sees Cole doing something he hasn’t done, it pushes him into trying it…except for food.  That seems to be a lost cause.


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  • Great entry! You are so right. My two girls as different as well. That is what makes life so interesting. Although, the youngest one still does want to try everything the eldest does. She just may decide she doesn't like it. :)

  • Thank you. Both boys have such passion for their interests. It's fun to see Cooper get excited about something Cole is doing and vice versa.

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