The "Start Your Engines" Brunch

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Saturday morning began with a brunch at the Marriot hotel; drivers and celebrities ate and mingled. The energy and excitement was palpable, at least for us (the moms of kids with cancer). 

The invitation: 

Event:                   “Start Your Engines” Brunch
                                   Saturday June 26th, 2010 from 9:30am – 11:00am

Dress:                    Classic, sporty, casual

Location:             Marriott Hotel – 540 North Michigan Avenue

Adrenaline will be running high as Rally Drivers and Celebrity Navigators meet at the “Start Your Engines” Brunch. Rally teams will receive a Driver’s Manual and their first clue. The Chair will drop the checkered flag and the competition starts.

I ate breakfast with the other moms and medical staff from U of C. Our discussion revolved around the details of “The Qualifiers” Celebrity Draft Party. We unanimously agreed that we were eager to see Scottie Pippen, since he hadn’t made an appearance the evening before. He was an honorary co-chair of the event, so we knew he’d be there that day.

About a half an hour after I arrived, the celebrities began filtering in. Dina (my fave!) came in and grabbed a fruit parfait. She was sitting right in my line of sight. I excitedly told my table how much I adored her and how star struck I was by her.

Then, Scottie Pippen appeared. My God is that man TALL; I never realized. I mean, I knew he was tall, but I’ve never been close enough to see EXACTLY how tall. Unreal! 

My goal, as you remember, was to get a picture with him; though, I’d once read that celebrities hate it when fans interrupt them during a meal, so I waited until he was done with his omlet. When I saw his plate being cleared, I took my cue. I grabbed Karen (one of the moms) and asked her to take our picture. I timidly approached Scottie and asked if I could have a picture with him…. Got my picture; Check! 

Next, I headed over to Dina. The night before she’d asked for my contact info so that she could send Atia some ladybug stuff from her Project Ladybug foundation. I’d written it all out on a cocktail napkin — classy, I know!

Shortly thereafter, we headed over to the cars where another red carpet was strategically placed and then The Rally began!


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  • So fun! And how cute is Giuliana's outfit?!

  • I am sooo jealous! Giuliana Rancic is one of the celebrities I would love to meet!

  • Once again, great pics!!!

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