The Rally Scavenger Hunt

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On Saturday, after the celebrity brunch and after walking the red carpet, The Rally began. We were given our bag which included our first clue, a rule book and a few other little things.

The invitation:

Event:                        “The Rally” – Saturday June 26th, 2010 from 11:30am – 4:30pm

Location:               Starting line is at the Marriott Hotel – Secret locations throughout 
                                      the city

Invitations:         You will spend the day with your Driver as a Celebrity Navigator 
                                      traveling throughout the city

Fuelled by an extraordinary schedule of Pit Stops at some of the most exclusive establishments in the city, Rally Drivers and Celebrity Navigators will embark on a journey from one clue to the next. Fun and innovation are the call of the day. Thinking fast, not driving fast gets you across the “Finish line”

The Rally wasn’t a race – that was made very clear – it was a point based contest; whoever earned the most points won The Rally Cup.

Each clue included two word riddles at the bottom, which if solved correctly earned our team extra points. At each pit stop (location), in a specified amount of time, we were required to complete various tasks and challenges to earn points. Oh, and we had to carry around a spatula to every pit stop and ask, “Do we need the spatula here?” If we didn’t we lost points.


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My team, Facing the Mirror for Comer, was chauffeured around the city in a limo.

We went to the following locations:

1. The United Airlines Building (United Airlines was one of the major sponsors) where we wrote a note that would be delivered with a teddy bear to a sick child in the hospital, threw crescent shaped shoulder pillows around a rolling luggage handle, recreated a proper food tray setup with dishes and silverware, and (the funniest part) where we had to act like flight attendants explaining the in-flight rules to a VERY unruly crowd.


2. Comer Children’s Hospital where we pushed a child in a wheelchair around an obstacle course, pinned the nose on REMOC (the hospital mascot, his name is COMER spelled backwards) and painted an inspirational thought on a canvas (that would be auctioned off later that evening).

3. The United Center where we drove BMWs (another sponsor) through an obstacle course making sure not to knock down any cones, completed a picture-search word-find and then answered some really difficult trivia questions about BMW.

4. Frankies on the Park where we turned in a very challenging picture-find game and our celebrity had a picture taken in one of the store’s shirts.

5. Lucky Strike where we bowled with the gutter bumpers up and tried knocking down as few pins as possible, played pool – earning 5 pts for every ball knocked into a pocket – and played poker against a pro.

6. The Marriot Hotel where we baked a cake — this last event was so hilarious and I have tons of pictures to share, so I’m dedicating all of next week’s blog to this activity alone!

Next Week’s Blog > “Let Them Decorate Cake: Celebrity PHOTOS at The Rally Scavenger Cup”




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  • How incredibly cool and for a wonderful cause! Can't wait to hear about the cake contest!

  • very cool! I love Eric Roberts! How neat!

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