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How Do Children Adapt to Change?

I ask this question because I am so anti-change, it’s ridiculous.  And this is one trait I hope Cooper and Cole do not pick up from me.  So, I am not a big fan of change…nobody is right?  Wrong!  There are many people I know who like change, embrace it and see it as a... Read more »

The Rally Scavenger Hunt

Bruce Ovitz, my teammate (on the left), beat Chad, the poker pro.
Last Week’s Blog > The “Start Your Engines” Brunch On Saturday, after the celebrity brunch and after walking the red carpet, The Rally began. We were given our bag which included our first clue, a rule book and a few other little things. The invitation: Event:                        “The Rally” – Saturday June 26th, 2010 from 11:30am –... Read more »

Toilet training

Also stuck up on plenty of these while in training.
In our house there is football season, baseball season, soccer season and now toilet training season. I could read a book about it, consult her doctor or Google the topic but I did what I have done from the moment I got pregnant, I emailed Debbie.  Debbie is my cousin by marriage (our husbands are... Read more »

The "Start Your Engines" Brunch

As the honorary co-chair of the event, he held the checkered flag and swung it around upon the start of The Rally.
Last Week’s Blog > “The Qualifiers” Celebrity Draft Party Saturday morning began with a brunch at the Marriot hotel; drivers and celebrities ate and mingled. The energy and excitement was palpable, at least for us (the moms of kids with cancer).  The invitation:  Event:                   “Start Your Engines” Brunch                                    Saturday June 26th, 2010 from 9:30am –... Read more »

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!
I love July 4th. I love seeing all the American flags adorn houses. I love that it’s the first REAL holiday in summer that feels like summer. I love the pancake breakfast at the Mt Prospect fair every year. I love Summerfest in Milwaukee. Sorry Taste of Chicago- you were too crowded for us, and the... Read more »

"The Qualifiers" Celebrity Draft Party

Last Week’s Blog > Exclusive Premier Event: The Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup My family spent this weekend at the two-day fundraising event called, The Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup. It was an absolutely amazing experience full of many firsts for us – the first time walking the red carpet, the... Read more »

A Mediterranean Cruise Story: The Lucky Charm (Part 2)

Modeling my little black dress!
(Continued from last week’s A Mediterranean Cruise Story) We were on the bus from Taormina to the ship and everyone was talking about the beautiful  Sicilian town.  All I could think was I am finally going to wear eye cream tonight, this sun is killing me!  As soon as we got to the ship both... Read more »

Where Did The Time Go?

On my wedding day, a friend gave me some advice.  They told me to take everything in that day as it would be one of the best days of my life, however it would go by quickly.  They were right, it was one of my best days, but it went by much too fast.   When I... Read more »

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons!

Balloons have become the bane of my existence. Every time we go to a store and there are balloons decorating a display, Dylan has a meltdown. Every time we go to the mall and see another kid with a balloon in his hand, we start shaking. Whenever I pass the card and party section at... Read more »

The Corporate Traveler's Wife

It's a girl! The color pink has taken over our house. Decorating the nursery was so much fun.  Michael actually made the final color selection, but he keeps trying to convince me that girls can wear colors other than pink. Keep working on that one, Hon!
Last Week’s Blog: “A Backyard Full of Luck” Today, my best friend for the last 21 years has agreed to share her story. Angi and I have been through everything together – the awkward days of junior high, show choir camp and acting in the community theatre during our high school days, rooming together in college –... Read more »