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Opinionated "Nuggets"

Lisa Matthews is our guest blogger for today.  Enjoy this very funny entry and if you missed Lisa’s last entry for Ay Mama! check it out, it is hilarious! I admit I’m a review fanatic, an extremist if you will.   This means I read an exorbitant amount of product reviews…but I don’t dare write them! ... Read more »

Tantrums of a 2 year old: Under house arrest.

I found this video message when I got home from work one evening. Thankfully, I also found both people featured in the message alive. WARNING: Content can be disturbing for pregnant women, parents of a newborn, a toddler and/or a teenager, in fact, humanity in general. I would even hide your pets before you watch... Read more »

Build Healthy Eating Habits Now

Today, we have a guest blogger…Mary D’Anza, RD, LDN.  She has been a Registered Dietitian for 8 years and is Certified in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management and has also completed culinary school.  She is currently working with children and their families teaching simple and realistic ways to incorporate healthy and delicious foods into their daily lives.  The rise... Read more »

Postpartum Depression: PART 2

My newborn son and my daughter undergoing intense chemotherapy.
Last Week’s Blog > “It All Caved in on Me: Postpartum Depression” Today’s entry is a continuation of last week’s. As I mentioned, it’s frightening exposing my innermost feelings, emotions and experiences for all to see, to judge, to read. I feel naked and extraordinarily vulnerable. My hope is that my message will bring comfort to those going... Read more »

It All Caved in on Me: Postpartum Depression

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and son, Hank IV
Last Week’s Blog > ‘Random Acts of Kindness: The San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon’  Leaving the hospital after giving birth is an exciting, monumental experience. It signals the beginning of your new life as parents (or your new life as parents of two or more). It also means that you finally get to introduce... Read more »

Lee DeWyze Wins American Idol-Mt Prospect's Viewing Party!

Look at the sign!!!
When I sat down to watch the start of my 8th American Idol season, during the cold snows of January, I thought to myself the exact thing I think every year. “I am SO excited to see who we find this year.” Followed by: “I cannot wait for the finale because then it will be... Read more »

When Does an Adoption Story End?

April 2009
In writing my posts all these weeks I’ve constantly asked myself at which point I would stop telling Dylan’s adoption story and continue writing about our everyday life as a family.   Should I stop after telling the story of our flight home, or should I write about the first few weeks of Dylan being... Read more »

Never Leave it Too Late

After a long three months in Kazakhstan and a seemingly longer 20-plus hour plane ride alone with me, Dylan was finally settling into his new home in Chicago. All the adoption books warn you not to expose a child to too many people once you bring him home, so although we were anxious to introduce... Read more »

American Idol's Lee DeWyze Viewing Party Wednesday Night!

Click Here for our Regularly Scheduled Tuesday Blog > “Random Acts of Kindness”    Lee at his hometown visit FOX is coming for a live feed Wednesday night to Mt. Prospect’s Village Hall. Here is the official Press Release: Mount Prospect resident Lee DeWyze is one of AMERICAN IDOL’s top two finalists. In celebration of... Read more »

Cosmos For All My Girls

It’s finally here.  Today Sex and the City 2 premieres and I am soooo excited.  I have been a loyal fan of these four fabulous women since the beginning.  I love everything about the show:  the shoes, the clothes, the relationships, the men, the shoes.  Did I already mention the shoes?  Yes?  Well they are worth... Read more »