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Trading spaces

It’s 6AM on Sunday and I’m waiting for the frame place to open. We are picking up the last piece to complete what my husband has entitled our own version of Trading Spaces. Except we are doing this ourselves, there is not another couple in this race against the clock to redecorate our apartment because they think... Read more »

As a Mother...

Forgive me for interrupting my adoption story again, dear readers, but several people have asked me what my thoughts were about the current adoption situation going on in Russia, and I thought it was time to give my two cents on this issue.   For those of you who don’t know the story, last week, a... Read more »

The Third Child is the Charm

I remember that before I had children I would think that I would treat and raise all the children I had the same.  LIttle did I know that each child has their own agenda and that the more children you have, the bigger the difference in their agenda from yours.  Also, I have found that... Read more »

Super Powers, Spring Fever or Boys Just Being Boys?

Have you ever seen the movie The Incredibles?  In this movie, there is a little boy named Dash who has the super power of super speed.  I am not sure what’s gotten into my boys but I think they now have the power of super speed.    OK, why do I think this you ask?  Lately... Read more »

How Weight Watchers Helped Me

During my first pregnancy I developed Gestational Diabetes, which happened to be a true blessing in disguise, since I ended up gaining less than eighteen pounds with Lucia.  I had to follow a very strict diet.  No fruits.  No breads.  No rice.  And absolutely no chocolate.  It was HELL.  My daughter was born and between... Read more »

Concerned parents want to know

It has been a concern of mine since Amelia and I have been paying attention to children’s television.  Elmo has their picture on his wall but rarely mentions them.  Max and Ruby have a family portrait, but they clearly live alone.  Even Handy Manny only has an Abuelito. And like any good single Latino working man, he should at... Read more »

A soccer update

So how is toddler soccer going? It’s been three weeks. Take a look for yourself. I just want to know how much longer do we have to keep taking her to this? I know I can’t let her get her way all the time and that she has to learn to stick it out, but,... Read more »

An Ultrasound, A Hospital Tour & A Spinal Tap

Last Week’s Blog > “SQUISHED! I Was Soooo Squished” The hospital stay caused a delay in Atia’s treatment and therefore affected my meticulously crafted plan – the phase end date went from October 16th to October 23rd… I was gravely concerned because I was due with baby #2 on November 1st. That only allowed 9... Read more »

The Cubs: "Living la Vida" Wrigley

It was July of 2001, our very first time in Chicago.  Two Ricans, one big city.  There is nothing like the Summers in Chicago.  Here we have the best of the best.  Like good ethnic foods?  We got plenty of it, from Devon to Chinatown and everything in between.  How about night life?  The absolute... Read more »

Goodbye Kostanai!

If there is anything we’d learned about International adoption, it was that it’s completely unpredictable. You have to learn to go with the flow and try not to stress about every little detail. For the most part, I think we were able to do this. Sure, there were disappointments, like the fact that we couldn’t... Read more »