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Making Fun of My Children

I love my 3 girls, I really do.  But, I have to admit that I like making fun of them too.  I especially like doing it when they are young and they laugh with you when you laugh at them.  Once they get older, they don’t appreciate it, and really it’s not fun anymore.  Now,... Read more »

The Gossip Girl Era

Exactly fifteen years ago I graduated from High School.  I remember having really cute outfits to go out to our parties and get togethers, a couple of trendy purses and two pairs of jeans at the most. The rest of my wardrobe consisted on an outfit switcheroo between my girlfriends and I.  It was a... Read more »

Our "Inner Diva": Gotta Love Your Girlfriends

It was a hot Summer night, and my girlfriends and I were all getting ready to hit the trendiest clubs in San Juan.  There we were, looking all cute and dressed to impress.  Perfect nails, perfect eyebrows, perfect hair.  Twenty-something divas looking just perfect, feeling beautiful, and getting ready to have some fun while listening... Read more »

Preparing for the 2nd Spanish/English Dilemma

Karla will be starting school this fall and she’s very excited.  We talk about it often and she just smiles and says, “I’m a big girl.”  Since she knows she’s going to school she has been trying out her Enlgish.  Sometimes we hear her speaking to Gaby in English, but Gaby, interestingly, repsonds to her... Read more »

What, Haven't You Ever Seen The Ass of a Pregnant Woman Before?

With those words, I announced to Scott that we were finally going to procreate. I am, and will always be, a class act (at least to my husband, and that is really all that matters). This week of Mothers Day, the ladies of “Ay, Mama!” are dedicating our blogs to different facets of motherhood. I... Read more »

Huge consignment sale for all things baby and kids

Just did an Around Town segment about  Brand Name Consignments, a huge warehouse sale for all things baby. Two sisters came up with the idea. They’ll sell all the lightly used stuff you have from  your kids and you’ll get up to 70 percent of the profits. The sale happens three times a year and... Read more »

Happy Earth Day!

A big concern that Ken and I had about having children was what kind of world our kids would inherit. Not that we are over the top with our environmental efforts, but we try to do our part.  We have also tried to teach the boys how their actions can have an effect on the... Read more »

Weekly Reader's Choice Finalist

Last Week’s Blog > “SQUISHED! I Was Soooo Squished” First Blog This Week > “An Ultrasound, A Hospital Tour & A Spinal Tap” I recently submitted a handful of pictures of Atia to a Parents Magazine contest, and today I was informed that she was selected as one of the Weekly Reader’s Choice Finalists. I’m... Read more »

American Idol's Lee DeWyze and Mount Prospect! Take 2!

Mount Prospect has gone neon. I believe that from space you can see a bright green mass, just NW of Chicago, every Tuesday as we all don our Neon green “Vote for Lee” T-Shirts.  Add in some American Idol Cookies. Signs. Bracelets. More signs. Plus, the viewing Parties (I hit THREE for you this week), and... Read more »

When Did I Lose My House?

Before I had children, I loved my house. I am no Martha Stewart, but our house had the three C’s…comfort, clean and clutter-free!    When we had Cooper, we turned our home office into the playroom and vowed that all of the toys would stay in there.  We did a pretty good job for a few months,... Read more »