Making Fun of My Children

I love my 3 girls, I really do.  But, I have to admit that I like making fun of them too.  I especially like doing it when they are young and they laugh with you when you laugh at them.  Once they get older, they don’t appreciate it, and really it’s not fun anymore.  Now, I don’t mean to be malicious, what I mean by laughing at them when we put something on them that makes them look very cute and funny.  Sometimes we laugh at them when we experiment with their hair.  We comb their hair all funky and take a picture.  Or when we dress them for Halloween in a costume they can barely walk or move in, we find this hilarious and take a picture.  Some of the best are when we dress them in doll or Build-a-Bear outfits and they totally enjoy it.  Here I share with you some of my daughters’ funny moments.  I do have to admit, the majority of the pictures are from my younger daughters since digital didn’t exist when my eldest was young.  Lucky Gaby. Ay mamá!

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  • These pics are adorable, hilarious and charming. But the best part, is your captions! It's hard to limit, but I think my favorites are the jacuzzi, t-shirt, and the family shot! I have been there :) Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  • In reply to mtmooney:

    Thank you for your comment. Actually those are my favorites as well. I just hope they don't get back me when they are older and see these pictures. Happy Mother's Day.

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