Happy Earth Day!

A big concern that Ken and I had about having children was what kind of world our kids would inherit. Not that we are over the top with our environmental efforts, but we try to do our part.  We have also tried to teach the boys how their actions can have an effect on the environment.


I must say I am pleasantly surprised on how well educated young people are on environmental issues, even as young as Cooper’s age.   In his pre-school, the teachers are very focused on Earth Day activities this week.  TV stations like Disney and PBS are dedicating special programming to Earth Day education this week. 


Last Saturday for our family movie night, we watched Happy Feet.  The movie was cute and focused on a penguin who was different that the rest.  The morale of the story was about protecting the environment, but also about staying true to one’s self.  It showed how one person can make a big difference and change the world. 


It’s funny…whenever I brought up my concerns about having kids because of “world issues”, Ken would always say to me that “our kid could be that one person who makes a difference…the one who changes the world”. 


So in honor of Earth Day, here are a few small things we all can do that can make a big difference to help our planet.  Also, here are a few pictures of the Cooper, Cole and mommy doing their part to help the Earth.


Small things that can make a big difference:

          Cloth grocery bags – Walgreens is selling them this week 3 for $1.  Put them in your car door so you don’t forget to bring them into the store.

          Reduce electricity – Turnoff lights, toys, TV, etc. when they are not in use.  It saves energy and reduces your electric bill. 

          Turn off water – When brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.

          Take public transportation when you can – Our kids love to ride the rails. 

          Choose products that are not over packaged – Use containers instead of plastic bags for lunches and food storage…good for the environment and for your wallet.

          Follow the three R’s…Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – With Cooper, we play the sorting game for our paper, plastic and glass recyclables.


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  • Thanks for the tips! Happy Earth Day!

  • Anita - Thank you! You too!

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