American Idol's Lee DeWyze and Mount Prospect! Take 2!

Mount Prospect has gone neon. I believe that from space you can see a bright green mass, just NW of Chicago, every Tuesday as we all don our Neon green “Vote for Lee” T-Shirts. 

Add in some American Idol Cookies. Signs. Bracelets. More signs. Plus, the viewing Parties (I hit THREE for you this week), and you’ve got yourself one zealous town- all backing our favorite home town boy, Lee DeWyze.

OK, OK, I know I already dedicated an entry called “Our Own American Idol” but that was SO three weeks ago. I showed photos of our town in all it’s glory backing Lee. The fever here is growing and it’s all encompassing, well, at least for most of us crazy people!
Get this, we were just at an event at the grade school with a toy swap. One of the moms picked up a CD called “Square One”. On the back, it said, “Songs written by Lee DeWyze” (and others). I am SURE the person donating it had no idea what little treasure they just gave away- and to a fan, no less. It was the talk of the toy swap!

Lee is my favorite performer, and not just because he’s from here. Sure, they totally skimmed over him during Hollywood week (I even had to consult the paper to make sure he moved on to the next round- but they ignored Adam Lambert the same way). He’s really got a great voice, kinda gravelly, and very soulful. Oh, and he’s from here(!). He consistently picks the right song for him. “The Boxer” this week wowed me. I got goosebumps. Even his initial outing with Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars- he made it his. 
I put out the call to see what others think about our former paint store clerk, Lee. Here are some of the responses:
Katie D: He was a guest judge for Capannari’s version of American Idol called Ice Cream Idol with local kids performing! (the irony!)

Lisa P: Lee shook my can. 

At the paint store…jeez, get your mind out of the gutter!!!

Marni: I love a singer with a low gravelly voice… like Lee’s!!

Betsy: I tried to get my 9 year old Abby to tell me why he’s her favorite and all I got was, “He’s good, he’s really, really good.”

Lisa H: I would say that I absolutely adore how he represents our town. He is sweet, simple and humble with a lot of soul-like our town. I love that he has a shy manner about him and that he truly appears to be enjoying himself.

Now for the viewing parties:

I started off where Lee once performed-in the park neighboring Capannari’s Ice Cream (photo courtesy of owner Katie Dix). They hold viewings outside on a huge screen. Families were gathered around eating pizza or ice cream, buying Lee T-shirts and screaming for him. (It was light still in my photo, the picture sharpened at dusk). What a charming venue and they have a good sound system- oh, and ice cream.
Next stop, our local family bistro, Retro Bistro (seriously amazing food, run by three generations!) Their viewing party served up “the best herb roasted chicken and mashed potatoes ever.” I loved their signs for Lee around the bar and the special dessert plate to celebrate Lee.
My last stop: The Blues Bar. You may recall that Jake and Elwood Blues got their car from the Mt Prospect cop car auction (It’s got cop shocks). They even have ‘the’ cop car in the bar-cool. Their party was family friendly and shown on the HUGE wall TV with a booming sound system. Lee’s brother was there last week signing shirts! Almost everyone had one on.
Below are new photos from Mt Prospect, the Central Bakery Idol cookies, the avid Lee fans at Real Deals (where you can buy the shirt for $5), and people displaying our NEON shirts and blue bracelets ($1)-that say “I voted for Lee”. Both support Prospect High School-where Lee was class of ’04. You also get a bonus photo by Zoe on her magna-doodle that I found on the camera. That kid. It made me laugh!
Go Lee! 
P.S. We no longer say cheese when taking pictures- it’s “Leeeeeeeeeeee!”
***I visited our Village Hall today to tell them about my blog, and they had made a video on YouTube called “Mt Prospect Wishes Lee DeWyze Good Luck” interviewing his old boss, friends and teachers- enjoy!


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  • I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! You are hilarious... the story is so upbeat and funny. I found myself smiling throughout the entire read. Great pictures, too!

  • Lee and you are putting Mt. Prospect on the map. Love the entry.

  • Love the entry! So much fun! Let's hope on American Idol they offer no Leeeeee-way to any other contestants that MIGHT even be remotely as talented as Lee! (Okay--bad play on Lee's name, but I couldn't resist.:))

  • LOVE IT, Kelley! I love that you are highlighting our little town!

  • Interested in local trivia? The Mount Prospect Downtown Merchants Association has a "Where in Mount Prospect" promotion going on featuring Lee DeWyze support. Go to: and check it out! Confirm that you LIKE us and then take a guess as to where we are that day!

  • LEE DEWYZE is the "TRUE American Idol"!!! With his originality, unique/distinctive sounding voice (which most legends in the music industry have), personality, humility and good looks (magnetic eyes and magnetic smile) he will sing any song anybody request for him to sing and will take us to his arena, the LEE DEWYZE ARENA!!! Yes, because that's what's LEE's all about, he is a truly gifted/talented artist and singer that just loves to SHARE his good music for everybody to enjoy!!! WHAT MORE CAN ANYBODY ASK FOR???

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