The Video Game Lesson

So we have the Wii and the girls are enjoying it very much.  They begin to play separately because we only have one control.  Nevertheless, they are getting very good at sharing and taking turns, especially Karla.  Then, when all seems well with the Lopez girls,  the big announcement comes.

Gaby:  “Mom I still want the Nintendo DS.”

Me:  “Don’t you like the Wii?”

Gaby:  “I like the Wii, but I still want the DS.”  (This announcement comes after she found out her 2 cousins had gotten a DS each.)

Me:  “We’ll see because this game cost a lot and the DS costs about the same.”

She was very surprised by this.


The girls continued playing and after about 2 weeks they were getting tired of sharing the one control.  We decided to look for a a game that included a remote so it would be cheaper.  In the meantime, we visit a friend who also has the Wii and a very fun game, Just Dance.  Gaby loved it and asked if we could get it.  I gave her my typical response, we’ll see. 

Gaby had just gotten her grades and she wanted to cash in on them.  A local electronics store gives you some money for every “A” on a gift card.  She already had some money and got more.  With all the gift cards together she had about half the price of the game, Just Dance.  We found our game with a remote.  Gaby knew we wanted a new game with a remote and says, “Can we get Just Dance too?”  Dad and  I talked about it and decided she would have to use her gift cards and we would pay the difference.  We came home with 2 games.  Gaby acted as if it was Christmas or her birthday.  She was very excited and thankful.  Then her 2nd big announcement,  “Thank you for the game, I don’t want the DS anymore.  The Wii is fine, I can play and share with my sisters, and you don’t have to spend more money.”  Needless to say, I felt great the entire ride home. She learned the lesson,  be grateful for what you have, share with others, and don’t make your parents spend more than they have to.  Ay Mamá!


Lopez girls playing Wii

Sisters sharing and playing Wii.





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  • Great advice!!!!

  • Thank you for being a faithful reader to the blog. I just hope I can instill and continue this with the younger girls.

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