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How I Met Your Father: Más Sangría!

Lucia’s latest trend is to start every sentence with when I grow up.  She sees me changing clothes, and immediately tells me when I grow up, I’ll wear a bra.  We are having a glass of vino and she’ll follow with when I grow up, I’ll get to drink some wine. I am putting on... Read more »

Spanx bathing suits

I loved the second one!

The Mommy Test

You’ve seen the hair bump it on TV but does it really work? How about those jeans that promise to flatten your stomach? My friend Val and I tested them for you and here’s a video of what we found out.

No More Excuses...Just Exercise!

Where has my motivation gone?  I have not worked out (I mean really worked out consistently) in almost four years!  Wait, I take that back.  About six months ago, I worked out for about one month, then I quit again.  It’s so bad.  I know that it is why I am so tired all of... Read more »

Traveling with a toddler

“You are brave” said a fellow passenger on the American Airlines flight to San Juan, PR when he saw my husband and I traveling with a 2 year old. I think he really meant that we were crazy  (and hopefully sitting nowhere near him) but all I could answer was “I have no choice”. This... Read more »

The Video Dilemma dusting away.

A few weeks ago I was going through the dilemma of getting a video game for my daughters and whether this video game should be a console for the entire family or an individual game that only one child could enjoy.  So we get the Wii console and the girls are excited and playing.  Now... Read more »

The Video Game Dileema

Growing up there weren’t many video games to entertain us.  They first came, that I can recall, in the late ’70’s to early ’80’s.  The video game I remember was ATARI.  Of course we didn’t get one because my parents thought that anything that could be connected the television, video game or VCR, would enventually... Read more »

Mixing Business with...Kids

Last week, I was on a business trip for eight days; however I was lucky enough to be able to bring my family with me.  Even though I was going to be working 16-18 hour days, even just a little time with them was priceless to me.    So Ken was going to be on... Read more »

Milestones & Disappointments

Even though Dylan was now officially our son, during the 15-day appeal period after court we could see him only during our allotted two hours of daily visitation. You would think that, having been through this routine every day for two months, those last 15 days would have been a breeze. In truth, they were... Read more »

From Couch Potato to the Long Lost Cousin of Lance Armstrong

My husband – Tennis champion (ahem) HOT Tennis champion My Dad – Basketball playerMy Mom – Runner and swimmerMy Rosi – Volleyball playerMy sister Lisa – Volleyball player (who went to the Junior Olympics)My sister Malen – Volleyball player I’ve always been surrounded by very athletic people; but not me, I was never the athletic... Read more »