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Our Very Own American Idol

I have a cold. For me, that means I get kinda spacey. Coming up with something to write this week seemed such a daunting task. Good ideas would pop up, but nothing I could really nail down, until I realized that I kept drifting back to the same topic: how totally awesome Lee DeWyze was... Read more »

Cramming For Easter

I have great memories of growing up with very special holiday traditions.  Going to see Santa and the windows on State Street, the Easter Bunny and egg hunts, corn beef and cabbage on St. Patty’s Day, parades on the 4th, etc.     And I want those same memories for Cooper and Cole, but sometimes the... Read more »

Counting Down the Days...

A few days before we were to take custody of Dylan, we received the difficult news that he was suffering from an infection in his throat and would not be released to us until he felt better. After lamenting the loss of our official “Gotcha Day,” Bill and I resigned ourselves to continuing our daily... Read more »

Making my daughter's favorite dish

      A few weeks ago I mentioned I wanted to continue my mother’s traditions and recipes.  I especially want to make those dishes which my daughters enjoy.  Well, I put myself to the task to make capirotada, Mexican bread pudding.  Capirotada is considered a dessert and is only eaten during lent.  I did... Read more »

But It's Not Time Yet...

Last Week’s First Blog > “An Ultrasound, A Hospital Tour & A Spinal Tap” Last Week’s Second Blog > “Weekly Reader’s Choice Finalist” As I mentioned in last week’s entry, on Friday October 9th, I was 36 weeks 5 days pregnant. I had been experiencing contractions all day long, including the six hours spent at... Read more »

Ay Mama on TV!


No game time

Amelia had her first “soccer class” this Saturday at Lil’ Kickers. How did it go? Funny that you ask, take a look.

A Day More Than 6 Years in the Making

Three days after the official date where we should have taken custody of Dylan, the crib in our apartment was empty and our son was still at the baby house due to a fever and a sore throat he developed earlier in the week. We were desperate to have him home with us, but thankful... Read more »

The Video Game Lesson

So we have the Wii and the girls are enjoying it very much.  They begin to play separately because we only have one control.  Nevertheless, they are getting very good at sharing and taking turns, especially Karla.  Then, when all seems well with the Lopez girls,  the big announcement comes. Gaby:  “Mom I still want... Read more »

Leave It Better Than You Found It

MGMT has a song called “Kids” (that the kids love to play on the piano-to our amusement), with a line in it that says, “Control yourself, take only what you need from it”. I like that. It reminds me of one of the better lessons I have learned in this life from my Dad. Leave... Read more »