No game time

Amelia had her first “soccer class” this Saturday at Lil’ Kickers. How did it go? Funny that you ask, take a look.


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  • Hysterical! Should be interesting to see what the next couple weeks bring. The photos with you and Amelia standing on the sidelines, drinking juice, doing anything but playing soccer, will be great for the baby book, especially when she grows up and becomes an Olympic soccer player. She can reminisce about "those were the days...." :)

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    I'm still playing more soccer than her. She did 2 exercises until she realized she was on the field with the other kids. Her Dad says 2 more weeks. I say, he takes her on his own next time.

  • I'll keep everyone posted, Anita. It should be fun. Thanks.

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