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A private concert

My husband knows it. He sees me get all decked out one Saturday evening and he knows what’s going on. Hair is perfect, outfit is perfect. I have my nice perfume on. No, I don’t have another man. I have another woman. Her name is Ednita Nazario and she has been with me forever. Before... Read more »

No mommy jeans but crack is whacked

Low rise jeans should be banned forever. Not only for mothers but for women of every age, every race, every body type, everywhere in the world. I’ve championed this cause even before I thought about getting pregnant.  Women have been showing the ugliest part of our “tush” for almost a decade now (I exaggerate to... Read more »

Your Baby Needs Glasses

Every pregnant woman will be asked one question during her pregnancy.  Do you want a boy or a girl? And everyone answers the same.  “I’m hoping for a boy {or girl}, but it really doesn’t matter…I only want a healthy baby.”   What a true statement.  Since I had a problem with my first pregnancy... Read more »

Happy Women's Day!

Forgive me, dear readers, for not continuing on with our adoption story this week. I promise to do so next Sunday, but I wanted to take this opportunity to write about a very special day.   You see, tomorrow is International Women’s Day, a day in which many countries around the world pay homage to... Read more »

A visit to the eye doctor, Part 2

Once I get home from the eye doctor, I go into more detail with my husband about everything that happened and what I was told.  We were both very shocked and confused.  How can this doctor be wrong?  She already had the appointment for the pretest so we were on our way.  Needless to say... Read more »

Potty Humor

I was going to see my Aunt Leonard for the first time in awhile (ok, her name is Kathleen, but no one goes by a real name in my family). I had my kids make some drawings for her so she could have adorable mementos from them. If I only knew… One of my offspring (I shall... Read more »

The Delphin Baby House

Once our 15-day mandatory waiting period was up, Bill and I were finally able to file the paperwork to continue on with Dylan’s adoption. We were assigned a pre-court trial for the following week to meet the judge and establish our official court date. In the meantime, we continued our regular visitation with Dylan at... Read more »

Superheroes and Villains

When I was a little girl, I thought that my parents were the most amazing people on the planet.  They were these perfect creatures that could do no wrong.  Superheros capable of easing any pain; capable of making me feel safe and happy all the time.  They were the center of my Universe.  Then the... Read more »

A visit to the eye doctor

Whenever you visit the doctor for whatever reason with children,  it is always an adventure and the adventure I was about to embark on was scary.  Since I have a daughter in elementary school, Gaby is in 3rd grade, a visit to the eye doctor eventually comes.  Gaby has always complained about headaches.  Some days her... Read more »

Being a Vegetarian...No it's not contagious!

Growing up Italian and Irish, every dinner consisted of meat, potatoes and a vegetable.  There was no altering the menu. So the fact that I ended up being a vegetarian was a bit of a surprise to my parents.  I think they thought I joined a cult! For me, it was not that far of... Read more »