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Lisfranc: A Cautionary Tale

If anyone is going to have an odd sickness or injury, it will be me.  In college, I got shingles. Shingles. It’s caused by the same virus that causes the chicken pox, and usually found in more (ahem) mature people, and I was 19. I had the entire medical team come into the exam room... Read more »

Friday, April 24th, 2009: Tough & Terrifying Day!

Last Week’s Blog > “Like Sands Through The Hourglass, So Are The Hairs On The Pillow”   Our first weekend home with Atia, after her leukemia diagnosis, will forever be etched in our memories. It was a life altering experience. We were excited, overjoyed and celebrated the fact that Atia was well enough to be... Read more »

To Grandparents: Abuela Guapa's infamous tortilla Española recipe

Joan Manuel Serrat once said in a song: “Que decidan por ellos, que se equivoquen, que crezcan y que un día nos digan adiós” This translates to: “Let them decide for themselves, and make their own mistakes.  One day they will grow up and say goodbye” Nina Over eight years ago, Enrico and I both... Read more »

Round 2, The Balancing Act

Well, now that we have child #1 on track speaking Spanish and choosing to do so out of her own will, we need to move on to child #2, Karla.  Karla is three and a half years old and is our wise guy.  (She’s the one who at the dinner table, at a cousin’s house,... Read more »

Unconditional it just for the dogs?

Soon after we got married, Ken and I got a puppy named Bosco.  I never had a dog before so I had no idea what to expect.  That first night with Bosco he chewed a hole in the carpet, barked for hours and rolled around in his own poop.  The next morning I asked Ken... Read more »

A Petoskey State of Mind

I promise, I will not use my science background to bore you too much, nor lecture on random facts, but, well, this summer I discovered a strange and amazing facet of northern Michigan. The beaches on Lake Michigan are sparsely littered with fossils of sea shells and most notably- these six sided corals called Petoskey Stones. They’re even... Read more »

Beginning Our Adoption Journey

My name is Khadine Kubal and I grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico (literally across the street from Nina Goyco, our Wednesday mom) and my husband and I have lived in the Western Suburbs of Chicago for almost six years now. I am very excited to join the Ay Mama! team and be able... Read more »


Our family has decided to follow an old McCarron family tradition and vacation in northern Michigan every summer. We eat cherries with every meal, as a snack, before bed. We dream about cherries. We plan out our day to visit a different cherry farm stand and debate whose are better. We even make up recipes... Read more »

Like Sands Through The Hourglass, So Are The Hairs On The Pillow

Last Week’s Blog > “She Has What?!?! This Can’t Be Happening.” After much discussion and my brother-in-law, Mike the doctor, thoroughly reviewing the material, we decided to participate in the clinical trial. For us, it made the most sense. The choice caused us to transfer hospitals. Atia was defined as “Standard Risk – Low” and that was important... Read more »

Twilight: The Edward spell and chocolate covered "besitos de coco"

I remember the days when I had time to read a good book.  I was up-to-date with all the Garcia Marquez and Isabel Allende books; the sky was the limit.  Ever since my kids were born, I just don’t have enough time to add a good book to the parenthood equation.  A book requires downtime,... Read more »