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Virtual Senior Center Helps Isolated Elders Stay Connected

If you are caring for someone who lives alone or is isolated due to health and mobility challenges, I encourage you to look into this innovative program. CJE Senior Life – an organization providing a wide range of high quality senior services to Chicagoland for over 40 years – has introduced its Virtual Senior Center... Read more »

Why National Family Caregivers Month Matters (Even on Election Day)

If you have not voted yet, stop reading this now! Please go vote and then come back to my blog. There – I’ve done my civic duty by urging you to vote (and yes, I voted at 7:30 AM). In case I wasn’t persuasive enough, perhaps this little dude Truett can convince you (Oh, and... Read more »

Neighborhoods Can Partner in Caregiving through “Lotsa Helping Hands”

During these hottest of hot days of summer, I find myself thinking about my old neighborhood in Woodstock, Illinois. We lived on a quiet street right behind the library and a short walk from the Dairy Queen. As a child, summer days were spent with friends pondering whether to walk to the town square and... Read more »

Five Resources for Caregivers of Veterans

Anyone that knows me is aware of my soft spot for our military. Even during times when I’ve not supported a war, I’ve always supported those who have bravely served our country and had to endure things that most of us cannot begin to imagine. Two professional experiences solidified my sensitivity toward veterans and the... Read more »

More Creative Resources for Long-Distance Caregivers

One of the many things I love about writing “Ask Dr. Chill” is receiving feedback from my readers (for a great example, see my most recent post about Cubs fans and caregiving). While I try to capture the essence of a concept or service in my writing, it’s impossible to mention every example of a... Read more »

Practical Tools for Long-Distance Caregivers

In my first post for this blog, I provided several scenarios of people who were absolutely caregiving even though they didn’t identify themselves as caregivers. Here’s one of those scenarios: Susie has a stressful job at an advertising company in Northern California, but the bulk of her stress comes from another place. Her mother, who... Read more »

Connect with Chicago Caregivers – Part 2: Online Communities

I’m a Chicago girl by heart and birthright. I was born in the northwest suburb of Woodstock and attended my first Cubs game before I could walk. Our radio and television were tuned to WGN as a default. And from the time my grandma attended nursing school at the University of Chicago to the time... Read more »