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What the Affordable Care Act Means for Caregivers

Is it a coincidence that the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was announced on what happens to be the hottest day of the year? Perhaps, but I choose to see the steamy outdoor conditions as a portent to the fiery battles that are sure to ensue now that the ACA has... Read more »

Advance Directives: Pathways to Peace for Caregivers

A few weeks ago, I shared with you the important lesson my grandma taught me about dementia. Today, my mind turns to my other grandmother – my mother’s mother – who died eight years ago today from complications of a massive stroke. Grandmother was in her favorite room when the stroke occurred like a bolt... Read more »

Five Resources for Caregivers of Veterans

Anyone that knows me is aware of my soft spot for our military. Even during times when I’ve not supported a war, I’ve always supported those who have bravely served our country and had to endure things that most of us cannot begin to imagine. Two professional experiences solidified my sensitivity toward veterans and the... Read more »

Yes, You Can Be a Caregiver and Exercise Too!

I learned a valuable lesson last week when my husband and I spent time in Florida visiting my parents. I learned that engaging in regular exercise can be a delight instead of a chore. One key is to relax your idea of how exercise should occur. Another key is to make it fun so it... Read more »

Nutrition Tips for Caregivers On the Go

I have a confession to make. In graduate school, I was an atrocious eater. My two main food groups were coffee and Cheez-Its. I snuck cellophane packets of bologna into the library so I could eat “quiet” food while studying. At three o’clock in the morning, tater tots were my friends. I did not eat... Read more »