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What My Grandma Taught Me about Dementia

My grandma would have turned 110 years old today. As a child, I remember her declaring her goal to live to 100, and we all were certain that this would happen. You see, Grandma was blessed with the determination of her German ancestry – a determination you did not question. But it was not meant... Read more »

Has Our Society Accepted Dementia as a Legitimate Health Problem?

In my last post, I reflected on caregiver motivations based on research reported in Dementia: A Public Health Priority, the report recently released by the World Health Organization and Alzheimer’s Disease International. In a sense, I took data from a large group and interpreted the findings on an individual level. Not surprising, since I usually... Read more »

Caregiver Motivation: Affection or Sense of Duty?

I can’t help but read every report that comes across my virtual desk regarding caregiving. Intellectual pleasure accounts for a lot of this habit, but a sense of professional obligation weighs in heavily too (you are free to call me a nerd now). That’s why I spent this morning reading Dementia: A Public Health Priority,... Read more »