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Caregiving Overload? Four Tips to Get Family Members Involved

Kendra was at her wit’s end. Although she has a brother, she has been the sole caregiver for her mother for the past two years while holding down a full-time job and fulfilling her roles as a wife and mother. At a recent holiday gathering, Kendra’s aunt and cousin remarked that they didn’t know why... Read more »

Late-Stage Dementia: How to Reach the “Unreachable”

I once told you the precious lesson my grandma taught me about dementia – namely, that we should never, ever consider someone with dementia “unreachable.” Even if the person has not spoken in years, there’s still a person in there, and that person can be reached on a very human level. Somehow, communication can occur.... Read more »

Caregivers Should Aim for Middle Ground When Family Members Resist Care

Sherry sees all the signs that her mother needs more care if she wants to continue living independently. An unkempt house, missed bill payments, and mixed-up medications are just a few of the indicators pointing to a necessary and painful intervention. Whenever Sherry brings up the possibility of bringing in some help, her mother adamantly... Read more »

Neighborhoods Can Partner in Caregiving through “Lotsa Helping Hands”

During these hottest of hot days of summer, I find myself thinking about my old neighborhood in Woodstock, Illinois. We lived on a quiet street right behind the library and a short walk from the Dairy Queen. As a child, summer days were spent with friends pondering whether to walk to the town square and... Read more »

How is March Madness like a Caregiver Event? Connect with Chicago Caregivers – Part 3

The whirlwind of March Madness inspired me to draw a connection between the most exciting and pure example of competitive basketball and the third and final topic in our triumvirate of posts about connecting with Chicago caregivers: special events. It might seem like a stretch, but stick with me here. When you watch March Madness... Read more »

Connect with Chicago Caregivers – Part 2: Online Communities

I’m a Chicago girl by heart and birthright. I was born in the northwest suburb of Woodstock and attended my first Cubs game before I could walk. Our radio and television were tuned to WGN as a default. And from the time my grandma attended nursing school at the University of Chicago to the time... Read more »

Connect with Chicago Caregivers – Part 1: Support Groups

Imagine nine people sitting in chairs arranged in a circle in a quiet room of a community center. There are women and men of different cultural backgrounds, ages, educational levels, and socioeconomic statuses. During the next ninety minutes, some speak a great deal, while some observe quietly. Some speak of their spouses; others discuss their... Read more »