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Alzheimer’s Association Plays Key Role in Illinois General Assembly Triumphs

If you don’t usually feel very optimistic on Friday the 13th, then let this news change your tune today. Something good has sprung forth from the muck that is called the Illinois General Assembly. That’s right, something good and, dare I say, hopeful. © If you care for someone with Alzheimer’s or a related... Read more »

Share Your Opinion on the Stigma of Dementia with Alzheimer’s Disease International

Calling all caregivers and persons with dementia! Have you ever felt stigmatized because you or your loved one has dementia? Do you feel that your family is treated with respect, dignity, and acceptance in the context of your loved one’s disease? Do you have adequate opportunities to access the resources you need to provide dementia... Read more »

Kerry Wood’s Retirement Creates Opportunity to Help Caregiving Youth

I wholeheartedly agree with Kerry Wood’s decision to retire. It’s sad, but it’s time. I’m thankful for Wood’s dedication and loyalty to the Cubs and the city of Chicago. I’m going to choose to remember his best moments as a brilliant pitcher and forgive the rest. I truly believe that his heart has always been... Read more »

Has Our Society Accepted Dementia as a Legitimate Health Problem?

In my last post, I reflected on caregiver motivations based on research reported in Dementia: A Public Health Priority, the report recently released by the World Health Organization and Alzheimer’s Disease International. In a sense, I took data from a large group and interpreted the findings on an individual level. Not surprising, since I usually... Read more »

Caregiver Stress: Why Caregivers Must Put Their Own Oxygen Masks on First

When I approached ChicagoNow about writing this blog, I emphasized how tumultuous life can be for a caregiver. I described the dichotomous nature of caregiving in blunt terms, writing, “While caregiving can be warm and cozy and rewarding for family members, it can also really suck.” Right? By nature, we are not prepared to take... Read more »

Can a Pizza Delivery Driver Be Your Mom’s Caregiver?

The video I saw this morning supports this notion. It tells the story of an older woman whose life was saved when some Domino’s Pizza employees noticed that the woman had not ordered her daily pizza for the last three days. Let’s not speculate or judge regarding the daily pizza habit – that’s fodder for... Read more »

When Your Loved One Won’t See a Doctor: Five Strategies for Caregivers

It may be a blessing and a curse that I’m amazed by the pervasiveness of caregiving in our lives. It’s a blessing because it motivates me to write words that matter. It’s a curse because I never feel that I’m doing enough to make a difference. Caregivers number in the millions in this country, but... Read more »

Caregiver Facts and Figures: A Bittersweet Reality

Almost eight years at the Alzheimer’s Association – five at the Utah Chapter and close to three at the National Office right here in Chicago – left equally enduring imprints on my mind and heart. The mental imprint is analytical, bridging science and people in the shape of a fervent belief that a cure is... Read more »

Feeling Overwhelmed? Design Your Own Caregiver Blueprint

I have a confession to make. I don’t have a smartphone, nor do I rely on an Outlook calendar to keep my life in order. The satisfaction of writing down what I need to do (and more importantly, crossing off items as they’re completed), trumps the electronic tools every time. Plus, I have the coolest... Read more »

You Might Be a Caregiver Even If You Don’t Call Yourself One

Scenario A: Bob and Louise have been married for 52 years. About a year ago, Louise began showing signs of memory loss and started having trouble keeping up with the household chores she had performed throughout their marriage. Bob gradually took over these chores while continuing to pay bills and care for their large yard... Read more »