56 Best Senior Caregiving Tools

If you’re a caregiver, undoubtedly you’ve scoured the Internet for information, services, and support to help you in your caregiving journey. But how many times have you walked away from the computer overwhelmed by the sheer number of websites out there?

Thankfully, Ryan McEniff, owner of Minute Women Home Care, took the time to evaluate the oodles of resources out there and pare them down to what he deems the 56 best senior caregiving tools. He’s created a super-cool infographic to display these tools, and he’s given me permission to post it here.

(Please note, I am not receiving any compensation for posting this — I simply thought it was a really useful list and wanted to share it with you.)

(c) Ryan McEniff, Minute Women Home Care

(c) Ryan McEniff, Minute Women Home Care

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