Ten Things the Cubs Can Do with Ron Santo’s Stuff Instead of Tossing It in a Dumpster

In case you haven’t heard, the Chicago Cubs made a faux pas the other day even bigger than their proposed Jumbotron. You see, they “accidentally” threw a bunch of Ron Santo memorabilia in the trash.

It’s been a banner year for my beloved Cubbies, and “banner” is the appropriate term here, considering that one of the Santo items they discarded was a banner as large as the dumpster it almost called home with “We’ll miss you, Ron!” plastered on it in humongous letters (see a picture of it here).

Accident? Please tell me how something that large and obviously Santo-esque just “accidentally” ended up in the dumpster out back? Either someone in the back office is wearing a pair of Harry Caray’s glasses and can’t see diddly, or this is a sad case of the Cubs organization disrespecting one of the greatest Cubs that ever lived.

Thankfully, Beth Murphy, owner of Murphy’s Bleachers Bar and – interestingly – the primary spokesperson for the rooftop owners association, saw Santo’s belongings while walking her dog and asked her bartenders to fish it out. She contacted the Santo family, who will claim the memorabilia this weekend.

The Cubs could have displayed Santo's items at Wrigley Field. (c) Carrie Steckl

The Cubs could have displayed Santo’s items at Wrigley Field. (c) Carrie Steckl

In the spirit of preventing something this heinous from happening again, I offer the Cubs ten things they can do with Ron Santo’s stuff instead of tossing it in a dumpster:

  1. Look at it for more than 0.01 milliseconds before deciding you don’t want it.
  2. If the number “10” appears on anything, spare a moment to investigate.
  3. If the words “Ron,” “Ronnie,” or “Santo” are visible anywhere on the item, set it down and count to – what else – ten.
  4. Once you’ve determined you indeed have Ron Santo memorabilia, treat it with respect.
  5. Reflect on the kind of player and person Ron Santo was and what your very, very young up-and-comers can learn from his life story by enjoying items like this.
  6. Consider giving it to his family.
  7. Consider displaying it at Wrigley Field where Cubs fans can enjoy it.
  8. Consider donating it to Ron Santo’s favorite charity, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
  9. Consider donating it to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.
  10. If you are still undecided about whether to toss items that celebrate one of your most beloved heroes, please do three heel clicks and reassess your values.

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